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Alex Waff

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Makes sense, I didn't have enough money to get a room again after finishing everything. I expected him to offer me the free room, and the meal, or something. I did get the training spot one, but sadly it wasn't with the Head Guard.

Even then, that will mean the inn room at the very end will give you the 2 last scenes - 9 and 10. I'd still be missing scenes(left>right, up>down) 1, 2, 6, 7, 8. Only ones I got were 3, 4 and 5.

(also, about the rope, I think you don't actually need a rope/special shoes since you get to the waterfall without anything like that - I think what they meant was the cut rope you find at the very beginning.)

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Hah, I never could figure out where to find the rope/shoes to get the moss...
And the only scene I could unlock was super obvious, the tent one.

Still trying to find the head guard's naked training spot, and I swear I've been everywhere.
Turns out I never needed a rope to continue, but didn't trigger the moss the first time. Weird.

Anyway, I've only been able to unlock scenes 3, 4 and 5. Everything else is way too complicated and requires some insane time limits since I've not been able to get it all night.
Don't understand how you're supposed to go to the secret training spot when it's locked behind the "final fight" so to say, and if you've cleared the final fight the secret training spot isn't with the Head Guard, so that's sad. Haven't been able to find any possibilities for Lozran, even though I think I chose all the right answers with the things I assume matter for him - not stealing the gold, telling him you trust him, asking about his stories, praising him for being selfless, and giving the ring back and not accepting the payment... oh well, guess I just imagined a pattern where there was none. Also, he never gave me that meal he promised after completing all quests, either. Nor the free room. :(

A simple guide to help you find all scenes and endings would seem necessary. There's too many variables to consider, and time is tight. Just one day wasted getting nothing means I need to start over.

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From the first time Shax and Neros meet, you can already feel it. The preordained fact that they're going to bone, a train charging full speed towards you.

The breaks are broken, and there's nothing that can be done. It just keeps going faster and faster. You are tied to the rails, the only thing you see is the starry sky and the eerie sound of the train's horn, ever so close...

And you revel in it. You want to get run over, you willingly choose to remain on those rails. The ropes were never even tied to begin with. It fills you with excitement, the way the ground shakes making your heart almost burst.

Not simply a desire, it has become a craving, a need. You can all but taste it now. Any minute the train will arrive, and you'll be nothing but mush splattered all over the ground. Finally, sweet release.

This was a lovely read, enjoyed it wholeheartedly.

It did not seem to have any choices or interactivity, just a linear story, I didn't miss something right?

Also I don't remember any shorts being lost either, why'd you get my hopes up for some bat lovin'  and then betray me like that, man...

As for criticism, there were some very rare typos or repetitions, but overall it was way above average in my opinion. The story was good, the worldbuilding was decent - a but confusing at times, as some locations weren't described too well, and some things felt rushed or not explained too well, still have no idea where the enemy in the end came from or how he knew everything he knew.

Anyway, lovely story, some very much adorable art pieces on the chapters (in contrast to the... other ones) and I am going to recommend it to anybody that has a fancy for lovable bat boys.