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This was a lovely read, enjoyed it wholeheartedly.

It did not seem to have any choices or interactivity, just a linear story, I didn't miss something right?

Also I don't remember any shorts being lost either, why'd you get my hopes up for some bat lovin'  and then betray me like that, man...

As for criticism, there were some very rare typos or repetitions, but overall it was way above average in my opinion. The story was good, the worldbuilding was decent - a but confusing at times, as some locations weren't described too well, and some things felt rushed or not explained too well, still have no idea where the enemy in the end came from or how he knew everything he knew.

Anyway, lovely story, some very much adorable art pieces on the chapters (in contrast to the... other ones) and I am going to recommend it to anybody that has a fancy for lovable bat boys.