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Hyperspace Dogfights

Jet Combat Roguelike, Occasionally With Swords · By sleeper_games

Bug Reports: Ace Acess (0.7082+)

A topic by sleeper_games created Mar 24, 2017 Views: 835 Replies: 51
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Developer (9 edits)

Current Known Issues

- Spawn gaps in some zones? (no new enemies spawning for a noticeable amount of time)

- Performance drops when too many projectiles/homing missiles are present

- Performance drops with too many enemies that have prop avoidance behaviour

- Somewhat random crash on windows a few minutes in, possibly sound pitch related

- Game can run out of memory on windows?

- Changing resolutions in option is sometimes broken, usually fixes itself after restart

No rest for the wicked it seems. Different day, different platform to post reports. ;-)

In any case, with the utmost care, I think I can say the missile lock bug is out for the count. I'll keep you posted though. No crashes during testing, and no crashing during the recording of my showcase/review.


Good, I kinda brute-forced that one, removing most of the beep mechanic in order to make sure its gone. I'd still love it to have differing pitch on the homing beep at least, but I won't touch that thing for some time. One week of investigation was enough. :D Thanks again for your patience!

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Hey there. Nice to see the change to melee in the changedog, thought something was wrong there.

The only things I'm running into now are still some repeated items, and every time a run starts, system mouse is visible. I thought that might have been my old system, but it still appears now on the new pc - and the game works very nicely on it (i5-3550), btw. Also had the chance to test on a C2D E8400 (4GB, HD 6450), pretty smooth, too.


Yeah the mouse thing is a remnant from an early version of the alpha cards on the title screen. I'll hide that away again at some point, but it will eventually be used to select ships. Are you seeing the games mouse cursor or an regular windows cursor though?

The builds previously to 0.7084 actually had a major slip up in regards to optimization. I got the problem identified no. The game will probably still improve further in regards to performance.

I'm seeing the windows system cursor at the start and in the gameplay until I go into menu the first time with the Esc. Then it changes into game cursor in menu and no cursor in gameplay as should be. It's just a little annoying because every time I start a run (also shows upon death and restart IIRC) I need to hit menu.

(4 edits)

Hey, nice to see an update, and all those cool new items!

New onto the bugs:

- auto resolution seems broken, it looks like it actually just runs on similar resolution I was at right before, leaves weird color glitches  when I come from a small res (screens), or stays at max 1600x900, or does even weirder things (screens, I wasn't sure it was auto at fault, but switching to a normal res fixed it)

- and changing resolution goes to windowed, I even still saw the RESTART REQUIRED text once or twice but doesn't seem to happen much anymore

- when I use mouse mode, jumping screen works badly (gif)

- the game crashed on me with a visual c++ error again (1 220 736 K ram used), I set the large address aware thing again just to be safe and seems fine so far

- one time after some time playing, some weird mouse lag kicked in, like really bad vsync lag or maybe really low sensitivity with acceleration - very 'muddy'

- when using gravitas, cursor changed from the reticle to a, well, cursor, not sure if that's good or not

Typos/descriptions that seem wrong to me:

- g-link ammo designated area

- infrared thingy garbage

- animal soul bad description (screen), some rapier bad description (screen), and I think it might have given me a wrong text when I picked it up but not sure

- two poverty items at once (screen)

- active Shard item doesn't show up in EQ screen (screen)

@edit one more duplicate description

I'm not really sure if this belongs here or in the balance discussion, but is strafing supposed to be mouse mode exclusive? Seems sort of strong for an already arguably easier (seems like some balancing changes made things more forgiving in general) mode? I love the feature, just wondering whether it might make playing with keyboard just suboptimal.


Thanks for tuning in! Just in case, are you using dual monitor setup? I'm not sure but that migh break the auto option. I'll take care of the color bars bug and the other stuff tomorrow. Multiple of the same passives is still intentional, all passives are designed in a way that copies amplyfy the effect. (Two times powerty makes srm drops worth even less but also increases chest drop chance even more.)

Enabling strafing for keyboard aiming is under consideration. I'm not sure whether mouse aiming really makes things easier, or at least personally I feel way more vulnurable with it enabled... But overall the whole thing is definately too easy right now. Also: Look at all those things you can't buy! :D

(3 edits)

No, just one monitor.


I've also now noticed clouds sometimes popping in and out (disappearing), seems to be directly related to where I am. I fly a few centimeters away, cloud is there, I go back to the spot, it's gone. And I saw you wrote you considered getting rid of SRM in maps, I think that it is nice to be able to collect them as they are, both to collect for an item you couldn't get before and for that nice rewarding feeling where you're finding stuff.


And now I think I'm stuck, the last fighter in 2-5 is nowhere to be found.

(2 edits)

Is there something at the nuke boss base (3rd zone) that's meant to 'push' you away? I used a shot displacer with a hardlight sai (so OP together, wow) and just couldn't stay in place, it's like some unknown forces start throwing me about at times (very strong kickback basically like with a shotgun).

Auto resolution seems fine, looks like it went to 1080p perfectly the moment I switched to it. Switching between windowed and not seems to be hit or miss still, sometimes works, sometimes asks for restart.


The pushback thing seems to happen a lot when I attack ground vehicles lol.


Aaand runtime terminated in an unusual way again on the fresh executable. Accidentally closed the window before checking RAM.


Hm ok I'm investigating the RAM usage thing. If you want you can you try running the game with particles disabled, that might have an effect. About a pushback: Might be a undiscovered bug, but is probably melee breakage. Melee weapons all have a limited piercing value and they will break after exceeding the amounts of enemies they can hit in one strike. This will destroy the current strike, throwing you back depending on weapon damage. Light weapons like the Sai or the Katana break more easily, the knife even breaks after one hit, but deals hight damage. Heavy stuff like the Hammer or the Maw basically never break. There are some melee passives that increase piercing.

(3 edits)

Yes, must be it, noticed it with the knife, too. A few other things I saw:

- picked up Swag hull, the whole description is full of typos I think. I'm no expert, or even  native speaker, but I think it should go:

"An intergalactic queen took an interest in our cause and donated an SRM encrusted gold hull for our ship. We were supposed to only use it for 'PR Purposes', but no one could stop us from picking up the pieces if it got damaged."

- third boss, the nuke base, spawned with the building part glitched through a rock

- started a new game and had a -4 SRM reward that couldn't be taken, and in the same game;

- I also received the extra health love confused item at the start, but it didn't show up at the bottom when in combat screen, only in items, and I think it might not be fully working? still have three hearts total - screens

To continue on the differences between mouse aim or keyboard, it does seem like some of the items have higher functionality with keyboard look, too (though it also makes them more difficult to use imo), gravitas, g-link ammo (that thing is so cool with a grenade launcher), teleporting shots, so I guess they both have some ups and downs there.

Just got the game yesterday. I was getting a ton of run-time error crashes, but was fine after allocating more memory. It actually crashed when I was getting 750+ SRM after the fight. It lagged my computer to the next dimension and then I got a runtime error. I was on 4-19 playing around with like 50+ mobs on screen and another 20+ rocket launchers on the ground off screen and I was getting like 5-10  fps when there are 50+ rockets on screen and then it slows to a crawl to 1 fps when they explode. So apparently when you lag that hard, you can shoot the HE Spread twice in one shot. Pretty sure that's not intended. lol

I tried recording the game, but it lagged so hard  that it wouldn't display video. It's quite unfortunate but you can imagine what it's like when the audio of the rocket explosions lag to kingdom come. I added a second video where the game crashes receiving my SRM. Also, is it possible to receive fractions of SRM? Because I had .4 SRM at some point in the game.

Rocket Spam

SRM Runtime Error

First rocket spam at 0:18

Second rocket spam at 1:37 (laggiest)

Third rocket spam at 2:05

Fourth rocket spam at 2:38

Double HE shots at 2:58 to end

Also, I am exclusively mouse aim only. Using just the keyboard seems too restrictive and I aim better with the mouse, not to mention strafe dodging. Unfortunately, the game doesn't restrict mouse to game window so the game gets hidden in the background from time to time. Would like to add that feature in.

Also, Just wanted to point out HE spread with teleporting shots is GG EZ with mouse aim. It's way too overpowered, but in this video, I didn't have teleporting shot.

Pretty sure it's optimization and not my PC Specs:
i7 2600k 4.7GHz
Nvidia GTX 670
16 GB Ram

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah thanks for reporting that, I'll look into it. How far into the game did those crashes happen? I guess if you got 750srm after I fight it must have been pretty far in. You can get fractions of SRM (but the game isn't supposed to show you, that's a bug.) The mid and endgame and enemy spawns will still change a lot, but I'm a little worried about those runtime and memory usage errors. I'll look into it.

It happened at 4-19. I couldn't get further than that because I kept crashing. I actually was able to crash early in 2-3 by farming SRM.  So approximately 500 ish will cause an animation overload and then a runtime error.


Good to know, I'll put some failsaves in for when too much srm is present.

(2 edits)

Crashed with a new error, while trying to go to menu, late in the game, ~4-20, after staying for longer than usual in a level:

Fatal Error:

Unable to setup execution engine for scene "Pause".

Other than that, it kinda feels like enemies have taken to falling to their death again? A number of times they would just slam into the ground, normal fighters mostly.

And I noticed sometimes when I fly quickly, on the edge of the screen enemies would spawn with a slight drop, maybe an adjustment is in order for that?

Tried to do tutorial, dummies refused to die and let me progress.

And earlier in the previous version, also with some speed upgrades, slamming into the ground hard enough let you see the jet again, I guess maybe the ground graphic should go down further or something.


Good catch, the tutorial bug should be fixed now. I'll look into the other stuff.

I wasn't certain before, but second time now I picked up an item and it didn't show up in the inventory. No text with the name, either, just disappeared.

Developer (1 edit)

Do you remember how the icon above the chest looked?

(1 edit)

This little guy here:

Not totally sure it wasn't one different more before, though, maybe you can figure why it's happening from this and track them down, I guess? I hope.


Perfect, I fix that one. Thanks!

(1 edit)

Danger Zone, 'were allowed to enable', and about swag hull, I still think it should be 'an' SRM encrusted hull? It's es-ar-em, right? May be another 'a' in there , too, and maybe where instead of were? I don't have it in front of me right now.. In the smart flechette, I think the same, 'An' End-tech weapon.

It seems homing weapons try to hit wrecks when it's the closest thing, but maybe that's good...

I wrote earlier about the mouse getting sluggish, I think this is specific to items like g-link ammo and maybe teleporting shots. Could be intended, too? Doesn't really seem like much of a feature, though, more like it just stayed from before when there was no mouse aim?


Right, that lag was inbuilt, I consider removing it altogether since it otherwise impedes mouse aiming.

I got three anti-grav engines today, very bad things happened, I fell into the ground and apparently started moving to the side very quickly without end, now I can't even see anything but the sky. Even with just two of them the effect seemed somewhat excessive but with three it's broken. No screenshot because at this point it's just stuck and nothing's happening except from some low health sounds.

Some time ago there was this where I couldn't pick up the health:

Couldn't pick up ammo, I think a cap on it because I already had some of the same?

I'm pretty sure some tips say to mash {n} to open chests but I don't think you can.. Maybe it automatically started showing that key when you mapped it to shoot together with LBM?

Once I did not receive an item at the start: And it gave that weird -5 chest again (you can see the mash {n} here also).

And had this weird camera issue, any time I pressed W it just went deeper down  into the ground for a while, here: (might also be because of anti-grav?)

Here a wrong weapon showed up in the inventory:

You have a lt of typos with where instead of were and its/it's, contined explosion is one such item but there are many.

"hypersapce" in melon_jam, "plantary" (planetary?) in artillery, "usefull" (useful) in srm_bomb, "discuraged" (discouraged) in nuke, "involvse" in jump_streamlining, "impac force" in knife.


Thanks for reporting in, I'm tracking all this, will be taken care of with the next update.

(6 edits)

Tried turning down the volume today because it's kinda very loud by default (think I'm gonna keep it at around 40 corresponding with how high I keep my volume otherwise), honestly, and one of the enemy shooting sounds, normal jets with big projectiles, isn't affected, full volume even with everything on 0.

With this  laser weapon I somehow killed the boss very quickly even though it seems only one engine is really down:
(it does seem off but hasn't broken away, maybe I got them both with a killshot? bosses are supposed to learn after the first one, right?)

Weapon UI displaced, no idea why except a large amount of items: and maybe the barrage text appears too quickly? You can tap space to make it show up but to actually do the barrage you need to hold. So you can trigger the text without actually activating the active (there are others that work the same way).


And maybe it's some kind of weird bias or paranoia but I swear sometimes the physics are a little wonky. Just now I had the repeater weapon with a lot of kickback (also had a bunch of items like Heavy! hull and anti-grav) and if I shot it repeatedly towards the ground and then activated thrust forward it would actually propel me faster upward. I do mean forward thrust, not back, back seemed to have less effect. It's similar to how I swear at some angles strafing thrusters can give you really good speed combined with some gravity pull and tapping thrust, but I find that kinda fun actually and maybe a little realistic, it is extra propulsion after all. Only I get to the edge of the screen and aiming to move forward with mouse is impossible because there's no space to put the cursor at, so the craft turns around..
I wonder if I could get the item that frees shot direction in keyboard mode and combine it with that weapon to go even faster...

I think that bounty hunter database says 'payed' which I'm pretty sure should be paid unless intentional? Payed is a rare word of some sort. Also not sure if money implies poverty 'loot at all the things..' intended?


Good catch with the sound. The physics thing is caused by the game looking at all the forces impacting the player jet when checking when calculating the counteracting upwards force while tunnelling. I'll rework that. I'll check again if boss engines are immune to kill shot. There is also a bug where the boss spawns too close to an floating island which can immediately destroy one engine. (The boss spawn might still get reworked a bit with you actually seeing it jumping in.) Sorry if I'm not posting rapid fixes right now, I'm kind of in the middle of making content for 0.74 (X-Ray) but I might be able to fit in a bug-fix update before in. Please rest assured that a lot of stuff is happening though. :)

Looks awesome!

Broke the game today (runtime in an unusual way, ram) with using contained explosion (thingy that makes shots HIT and then blow only after you stop, think I got the name right) a lot on the missile silo before the nuke appeared. When time came for it to do its explosion magic it stopped responding.

Also a lot of homing or maybe even g-link ammo at once on screen is a huge performance hit, happens with some rapid fire lot of projectile weapons the most, like maybe the triple machine gun on some spread weapons.

I'm not certain whether it's the update or not, but it crashed on me a bunch of times already. It seems to consistently crash after going between menu and starting a new game (W > wait a few seconds (or not, just keep restarting with back to menu)> ESC > 'back to menu' > W > repeat) maybe around ten times (like it just adds more surplus data to ram each time), crashed when I started shooting a triple chain gun into the ground for maybe 15 seconds once or twice, crashed the first time I reached the third boss and just shot some shotgun shells at one of the turrets. No idea what that's about, guess I was kinda trying to see how the game handles lot of projectiles and explosions on the ground happening but didn't do anything really special.

shard_shield #shielddepleation > depletion, jump_rules meverick > maverick, srm_bomb #constly > costly, cover_fire support > supports, rocket_pod where > were, ammo_explosive planets > planet's unplausible > implausible


Great catch, there was indeed a memory leak associated with the "quit to menu" option. Fixed in my build now, but there also seems to be a similar but smaller issue with the "resume"  option. I'll need to rework the pause scene a bit to get that resolved, probably next week. Meanwhile more teaser stuff. :)

New update, awesome. So far this came back: just going to menu fixes it, and the first boss spawned without the 'body' I could only see weapons/engines but when tried to take screenshot it crashed. Going to sleep now, though, will probably try more over the weekend.


Good finds, I could not reproduce the carrier problem so far, but I tried something to counteract a potential cause. The background glitch should be fixed in 0.7405 though.

Soo, this may be an issue with controls on my side or something (but I didn't ever have it with the older versions).. But when I hold 's' for reverse thrust and tap 'a' and 'd' a few times quickly (or maybe just mash different buttons), 's' gets stuck. Sometimes pressing again fixes, sometimes have to restart.

It might just be because of mashing multiple directions or something. (and this is all with mouse look)

Bullets to debris seems to push away fighters in the third zone (the agile ones), even killing them by collision with the ground, or outright killing them, is this intended? Also got pretty bad performance on that stage once or twice, maybe the amount of spawns and bullets or something?

What is this? I thought my display was dirty but it's in-game.

Bad environmental collision detection, I'm taking damage from air it seems.

Smog doesn't always show craft outline, and doesn't obscure side thrusters.

Another background/color issue even after update.

About difficulty, it feels kinda like enemies get a bit bulletspongy especially in the third zone? I dunno, so far it's definitely harder though (which is good?). By the way what flak ammo does to some weapons is just terrible haha.

Good finds, the stuff you mentioned should be resolved now. Optimization is still ongoing. Toning down late game enemy health is also under consideration.

(1 edit)

Hm, so maybe that's how it's supposed to be for now, but for several times now my game ended with no new enemies spawning somewhere around 4-3/4.

I think there is something wrong with the aiming reticle in mouse mode, might be only with teleporting shots? In keyboard mode it shows it straight, with the mouse it's sort of backwards to the side.

And in the options menu, if I change screen glitch amount to higher, reticle icon beneath disappear. Only in the options, though.

Automatic missile maker item destroyed the nuke.. awkward.

Turret mount item seems purely detrimental in mouse mode as it makes aiming slower than movement.

Is machine heart supposed to add a health bar or also heal you? I think that if your health is full it adds a full bar but if not it's empty, don't know if that's intended.

The 1440 degrees active might not work with the laser burst, seems to only shoot in one direction but I only had it once and it takes a while to reload so not certain. Mouse look as well.

Is night vision change to UI needed/intended? Feels like maybe hearts/charge bars would look better in some different color.

For that matter, transition between NV and hyperspace feels.. odd. For a moment the color changes and it's almost clearer looking that NV, I should take a video next time because I only have an impression now.

I guess underground movement is changed for some reason but it feels kinda overkill, it'd be nice to be able to get out of the ground with some force and atm I think even turning is locked to a point and the craft just feels like it's doing its own thing turning this way or that. Suppose maybe just a risk of slamming into the ground but feels very restrictive.

Some oldies you probably have written down or something, but just in case:

Still had a heart not pick itself up: not the only time, it also didn't heal me when I did have a full empty heart some other time so I guess that's not it.

Bad turret spawn 3rd boss:

Flares got into a description again:

Camera at times runs away near the ground.

And this is more of a balance thing so I'm not sure, but all the movement buffs/debuffs feel very strong.. Which is damn fun if you upgrade it but can very quickly make things extremely hard if you're slowed down. I'm kinda fine with it since it makes you pick items carefully and getting superspeed is fun, but figured it would be better to mention it.

A switch to mouse look default would be nice at some point, and wondering if you're gonna be able to make menu a little faster maybe? It takes a while to check items or just pause.


Oh and crashed because of RAM a few more times. Made it large address aware, isn't there a flag for that when you compile the game or something? It doesn't seem to be going away. I don't know if there are any negative aspect to doing that, though.

I believe this rocket medium size ship should be immune to damage when phased?


Ok I started working on a performance focused update to get the ram issues resolved and I'll fit the other stuff you mentioned in too. Out of curiosity, how does you processor allocation look like? From what I can tell the game mainly stresses ram, same for your?

(5 edits)

It basically maxes out one ivy bridge ~3.5Ghz core to 90-100% any time anything happens (not so much in early game I guess) (@edit again, maybe 90% was probably an exaggeration most of the time, it's how it looks once things start slowing down - 50-70% is more normal without many enemies of screen), especially large amount of projectiles. Doesn't really touch more cores which I guess is the only way to go without getting deeper into programming afaik, probably nothing to be done about that in the engine? Not sure how to tell if it stresses RAM, as far as the amount goes the limitation from 32 bit limit (and crashes) hits long before my actual 16 GB could get allocated. Speed is 1600 ddr3 in dual channel.

There also the quirk that the game gets slower instead of stuttery as the framerate goes down (so 30 fps is basically unplayable), but again I suppose that's just par for the course with the engine.

A small nitpick that is basically irrelevant but I can't unsee - when you start the game you go through the cloud right, but you can very briefly see the even top of the normal clouds and empty space above it.

I think I may have run into something odd when getting the first weapon, I was clicking my mouse and whatnot beforehand, and found I just couldn't shoot, like the button locked itself. Don't know if it's related to earlier controls issues or something.

Small reminder because I don't know how serious it actually is, but in the second boss (fighters) I had two or three times more had the last one just hide somewhere with next to no health, couldn't find it, couldn't progress. Maybe if you hit it for just enough that it goes down to very low damage it disappears/becomes effectively dead but doesn't trigger the end, or something, I don't know, I'm just guessing.

Also, went into 720p/windowed mode to keep an eye on the task manager and had trouble going back into 1080p auto, auto became 720p basically. Restarted and fixed itself.

(1 edit)

The performance does seem lot better now. The one time it hitched was when those enemies that do these flames like things were on the screen. And the ones on the maps with the fast strafing hovering ones, but the fatter ones that fire a wider burst. Both on the same level.

- Nerfed speed boost passives a bit

Is that boosts or nerfs, too?

Got the drone friends item, but when I moved zones they'd just stop dead. I guess they should either blow up or keep working? Version before the performance fixes at least.

When the first boss blows up, real (not background) clouds disappear for a moment. Might also happen in other circumstances when things get explodey, not sure. Big health pickup hearts still not working. Not even some of the time, just at all by the looks of it.

The smoke still not quite right. This is also from the version before the performance fixes, haven't gotten one of them since yet.

(1 edit)

After setting  auto resolution:

And around the time I saw the first boss this happens yet again:

I think reducing strafe speed is nice, but there is something.. off about it. Try to strafe while facing exactly up or down, it does almost nothing at times, but move the angle and it gets a big boost. Maybe it's just my imagination, I don't know. (mouse look)


I'll look into it, I'll also try flagging the exe permanently as large address aware. Did the resolution problem persist after a restart?

No, after a restart everything launched fine in auto.

(4 edits)

There is something wrong with mouse movement, it started automatically moving towards the left edge when coming out of a jump (right click). Here are the items I have:

@edit After jumping to the next level its bottom right corner now.

@edit I don't think it's related to items, upon a new game it's happening again but only after entering 2-1.

Also when entering 2-1 this time, I got this calm bubbly music (kinda an underwater muffled feel) which seems to have disabled all the action sounds.

Oh, and just now alt tabbing out resulted in the same white menu as the auto at first. I alt tabbed before without issues.


Hm ok so for 0.802 I looked into some things that might have caused that crash error. It might be a variation of that sound pitch problem that bio exprienced previously but I'm not sure. Have you been playing with effect volume lower than 100 by any chance? The mouse thing might also be fixed, but I could not reproduce it exactly. The options ninepatch objectects becoming white is super wierd, I have not changed anything in that area and I can't reproduce it on my end so far. I'll investigate some more. The sound stuff might be covered with 0.802 but please me know which problems persist. With actions sounds disabled you mean the more driving part of the music (combat track), not the effect sounds like for weapons etc, right?

I've not changed any sound options. I meant shooting, boosting, enemies, anything but that music was gone basically.


Ok I reproduced the random crashes under 0.801 on windows, but I ran one hour game sessions on 0.802+ without problems. Do the crashes still occur for you?

It hasn't crashed on 802, I thought that was the ram/large address aware fix.

(4 edits)

"- Strafe and reverse thrust top speed is now lower than your boost top speed (2/3)"

Fixes are really all about finding new and better ways to exploit the mechanics:

It is kinda fun.

@edit Super speed exploits aside though, I kinda think stronger strafing was better, it felt more powerful, zipping around. I dunno, there's something about it now, when you first press the button there's a boost but then it's very weak. Doesn't feel like 2/3 at some angles at all.

Developer (1 edit)

Ha ok I see what you did there, angel of movement check is too lenient. I'm considering bringing full top speed back for the initial boost, so you have more flexibility by tap boosting. Also right now, strafing does not generate "lift" the same way boosting does (effectively lowering gravity he longer you boost), so strafing upwards barely counteracts the standard gravity. I'll look into changing that.

Lots of nice changes, I really like the missions stuff and a store. Some UI issues in the transition screen:

I guess it's necessary to triple click to move to the next area now? Seems a bit much for a common thing to do.

Haven't really run into any new issues , though there's still minor freezes when enemies load or lots of projectiles, general performance. Also an issue with camera not following very well away from the ground I think I also brought up before.


Yeah I'm still iterating on the camera. The UI stuff is taken care off. 0.95 will be up in a few days. For more feedback you can also join us on discord now by the way: