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Hey, nice to see an update, and all those cool new items!

New onto the bugs:

- auto resolution seems broken, it looks like it actually just runs on similar resolution I was at right before, leaves weird color glitches  when I come from a small res (screens), or stays at max 1600x900, or does even weirder things (screens, I wasn't sure it was auto at fault, but switching to a normal res fixed it)

- and changing resolution goes to windowed, I even still saw the RESTART REQUIRED text once or twice but doesn't seem to happen much anymore

- when I use mouse mode, jumping screen works badly (gif)

- the game crashed on me with a visual c++ error again (1 220 736 K ram used), I set the large address aware thing again just to be safe and seems fine so far

- one time after some time playing, some weird mouse lag kicked in, like really bad vsync lag or maybe really low sensitivity with acceleration - very 'muddy'

- when using gravitas, cursor changed from the reticle to a, well, cursor, not sure if that's good or not

Typos/descriptions that seem wrong to me:

- g-link ammo designated area

- infrared thingy garbage

- animal soul bad description (screen), some rapier bad description (screen), and I think it might have given me a wrong text when I picked it up but not sure

- two poverty items at once (screen)

- active Shard item doesn't show up in EQ screen (screen)

@edit one more duplicate description

I'm not really sure if this belongs here or in the balance discussion, but is strafing supposed to be mouse mode exclusive? Seems sort of strong for an already arguably easier (seems like some balancing changes made things more forgiving in general) mode? I love the feature, just wondering whether it might make playing with keyboard just suboptimal.