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Soo, this may be an issue with controls on my side or something (but I didn't ever have it with the older versions).. But when I hold 's' for reverse thrust and tap 'a' and 'd' a few times quickly (or maybe just mash different buttons), 's' gets stuck. Sometimes pressing again fixes, sometimes have to restart.

It might just be because of mashing multiple directions or something. (and this is all with mouse look)

Bullets to debris seems to push away fighters in the third zone (the agile ones), even killing them by collision with the ground, or outright killing them, is this intended? Also got pretty bad performance on that stage once or twice, maybe the amount of spawns and bullets or something?

What is this? I thought my display was dirty but it's in-game.

Bad environmental collision detection, I'm taking damage from air it seems.

Smog doesn't always show craft outline, and doesn't obscure side thrusters.

Another background/color issue even after update.

About difficulty, it feels kinda like enemies get a bit bulletspongy especially in the third zone? I dunno, so far it's definitely harder though (which is good?). By the way what flak ammo does to some weapons is just terrible haha.