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Tried turning down the volume today because it's kinda very loud by default (think I'm gonna keep it at around 40 corresponding with how high I keep my volume otherwise), honestly, and one of the enemy shooting sounds, normal jets with big projectiles, isn't affected, full volume even with everything on 0.

With this  laser weapon I somehow killed the boss very quickly even though it seems only one engine is really down:
(it does seem off but hasn't broken away, maybe I got them both with a killshot? bosses are supposed to learn after the first one, right?)

Weapon UI displaced, no idea why except a large amount of items: and maybe the barrage text appears too quickly? You can tap space to make it show up but to actually do the barrage you need to hold. So you can trigger the text without actually activating the active (there are others that work the same way).


And maybe it's some kind of weird bias or paranoia but I swear sometimes the physics are a little wonky. Just now I had the repeater weapon with a lot of kickback (also had a bunch of items like Heavy! hull and anti-grav) and if I shot it repeatedly towards the ground and then activated thrust forward it would actually propel me faster upward. I do mean forward thrust, not back, back seemed to have less effect. It's similar to how I swear at some angles strafing thrusters can give you really good speed combined with some gravity pull and tapping thrust, but I find that kinda fun actually and maybe a little realistic, it is extra propulsion after all. Only I get to the edge of the screen and aiming to move forward with mouse is impossible because there's no space to put the cursor at, so the craft turns around..
I wonder if I could get the item that frees shot direction in keyboard mode and combine it with that weapon to go even faster...

I think that bounty hunter database says 'payed' which I'm pretty sure should be paid unless intentional? Payed is a rare word of some sort. Also not sure if money implies poverty 'loot at all the things..' intended?