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The performance does seem lot better now. The one time it hitched was when those enemies that do these flames like things were on the screen. And the ones on the maps with the fast strafing hovering ones, but the fatter ones that fire a wider burst. Both on the same level.

- Nerfed speed boost passives a bit

Is that boosts or nerfs, too?

Got the drone friends item, but when I moved zones they'd just stop dead. I guess they should either blow up or keep working? Version before the performance fixes at least.

When the first boss blows up, real (not background) clouds disappear for a moment. Might also happen in other circumstances when things get explodey, not sure. Big health pickup hearts still not working. Not even some of the time, just at all by the looks of it.

The smoke still not quite right. This is also from the version before the performance fixes, haven't gotten one of them since yet.