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I got three anti-grav engines today, very bad things happened, I fell into the ground and apparently started moving to the side very quickly without end, now I can't even see anything but the sky. Even with just two of them the effect seemed somewhat excessive but with three it's broken. No screenshot because at this point it's just stuck and nothing's happening except from some low health sounds.

Some time ago there was this where I couldn't pick up the health:

Couldn't pick up ammo, I think a cap on it because I already had some of the same?

I'm pretty sure some tips say to mash {n} to open chests but I don't think you can.. Maybe it automatically started showing that key when you mapped it to shoot together with LBM?

Once I did not receive an item at the start: And it gave that weird -5 chest again (you can see the mash {n} here also).

And had this weird camera issue, any time I pressed W it just went deeper down  into the ground for a while, here: (might also be because of anti-grav?)

Here a wrong weapon showed up in the inventory:

You have a lt of typos with where instead of were and its/it's, contined explosion is one such item but there are many.

"hypersapce" in melon_jam, "plantary" (planetary?) in artillery, "usefull" (useful) in srm_bomb, "discuraged" (discouraged) in nuke, "involvse" in jump_streamlining, "impac force" in knife.

Thanks for reporting in, I'm tracking all this, will be taken care of with the next update.