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Hm, so maybe that's how it's supposed to be for now, but for several times now my game ended with no new enemies spawning somewhere around 4-3/4.

I think there is something wrong with the aiming reticle in mouse mode, might be only with teleporting shots? In keyboard mode it shows it straight, with the mouse it's sort of backwards to the side.

And in the options menu, if I change screen glitch amount to higher, reticle icon beneath disappear. Only in the options, though.

Automatic missile maker item destroyed the nuke.. awkward.

Turret mount item seems purely detrimental in mouse mode as it makes aiming slower than movement.

Is machine heart supposed to add a health bar or also heal you? I think that if your health is full it adds a full bar but if not it's empty, don't know if that's intended.

The 1440 degrees active might not work with the laser burst, seems to only shoot in one direction but I only had it once and it takes a while to reload so not certain. Mouse look as well.

Is night vision change to UI needed/intended? Feels like maybe hearts/charge bars would look better in some different color.

For that matter, transition between NV and hyperspace feels.. odd. For a moment the color changes and it's almost clearer looking that NV, I should take a video next time because I only have an impression now.

I guess underground movement is changed for some reason but it feels kinda overkill, it'd be nice to be able to get out of the ground with some force and atm I think even turning is locked to a point and the craft just feels like it's doing its own thing turning this way or that. Suppose maybe just a risk of slamming into the ground but feels very restrictive.

Some oldies you probably have written down or something, but just in case:

Still had a heart not pick itself up: not the only time, it also didn't heal me when I did have a full empty heart some other time so I guess that's not it.

Bad turret spawn 3rd boss:

Flares got into a description again:

Camera at times runs away near the ground.

And this is more of a balance thing so I'm not sure, but all the movement buffs/debuffs feel very strong.. Which is damn fun if you upgrade it but can very quickly make things extremely hard if you're slowed down. I'm kinda fine with it since it makes you pick items carefully and getting superspeed is fun, but figured it would be better to mention it.

A switch to mouse look default would be nice at some point, and wondering if you're gonna be able to make menu a little faster maybe? It takes a while to check items or just pause.


Oh and crashed because of RAM a few more times. Made it large address aware, isn't there a flag for that when you compile the game or something? It doesn't seem to be going away. I don't know if there are any negative aspect to doing that, though.