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It happened at 4-19. I couldn't get further than that because I kept crashing. I actually was able to crash early in 2-3 by farming SRM.  So approximately 500 ish will cause an animation overload and then a runtime error.

Just got the game yesterday. I was getting a ton of run-time error crashes, but was fine after allocating more memory. It actually crashed when I was getting 750+ SRM after the fight. It lagged my computer to the next dimension and then I got a runtime error. I was on 4-19 playing around with like 50+ mobs on screen and another 20+ rocket launchers on the ground off screen and I was getting like 5-10  fps when there are 50+ rockets on screen and then it slows to a crawl to 1 fps when they explode. So apparently when you lag that hard, you can shoot the HE Spread twice in one shot. Pretty sure that's not intended. lol

I tried recording the game, but it lagged so hard  that it wouldn't display video. It's quite unfortunate but you can imagine what it's like when the audio of the rocket explosions lag to kingdom come. I added a second video where the game crashes receiving my SRM. Also, is it possible to receive fractions of SRM? Because I had .4 SRM at some point in the game.

Rocket Spam

SRM Runtime Error

First rocket spam at 0:18

Second rocket spam at 1:37 (laggiest)

Third rocket spam at 2:05

Fourth rocket spam at 2:38

Double HE shots at 2:58 to end

Also, I am exclusively mouse aim only. Using just the keyboard seems too restrictive and I aim better with the mouse, not to mention strafe dodging. Unfortunately, the game doesn't restrict mouse to game window so the game gets hidden in the background from time to time. Would like to add that feature in.

Also, Just wanted to point out HE spread with teleporting shots is GG EZ with mouse aim. It's way too overpowered, but in this video, I didn't have teleporting shot.

Pretty sure it's optimization and not my PC Specs:
i7 2600k 4.7GHz
Nvidia GTX 670
16 GB Ram