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Yes, must be it, noticed it with the knife, too. A few other things I saw:

- picked up Swag hull, the whole description is full of typos I think. I'm no expert, or even  native speaker, but I think it should go:

"An intergalactic queen took an interest in our cause and donated an SRM encrusted gold hull for our ship. We were supposed to only use it for 'PR Purposes', but no one could stop us from picking up the pieces if it got damaged."

- third boss, the nuke base, spawned with the building part glitched through a rock

- started a new game and had a -4 SRM reward that couldn't be taken, and in the same game;

- I also received the extra health love confused item at the start, but it didn't show up at the bottom when in combat screen, only in items, and I think it might not be fully working? still have three hearts total - screens

To continue on the differences between mouse aim or keyboard, it does seem like some of the items have higher functionality with keyboard look, too (though it also makes them more difficult to use imo), gravitas, g-link ammo (that thing is so cool with a grenade launcher), teleporting shots, so I guess they both have some ups and downs there.