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TumbleSeed is a deceptively deep roguelike about balancing a seed up a dangerous and ever-changing mountain. · By aeiowu, dlask, benedictfritz

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A topic by aeiowu created Nov 30, 2016 Views: 1,012 Replies: 20
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Developer (1 edit)

Hi! If you wanna say hey, say hey. If you don't wanna, no worries either way.

I'm Greg, the artist on TumbleSeed. I'm from Iowa but live in Chicago and have been making games for about 10 years now. My favorite seed is JumpSeed.


Heyyy! I'm Benedict, one of the programmers on TumbleSeed. I used to be in Chicago but am now up in Madison, WI. If you find any bugs, chances are they're my fault – blame me!


Hello all! I'm David, the other programmer on TumbleSeed. I've been in and around Chicago my whole life, and I'm still here! And as Benedict said- if you find any bugs blame him! I've never created a single bug in my life.

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Hi, my name's Izzy and I'm super excited to finally dig into Tumbleseed! It's like Christmas came early!

I like to consider myself the second coolest game dev to come out of my hometown in Iowa (Greg is the first). :)


Iowa boooooys!

Bello! I'm Jason, just some rando who really enjoyed TumbleSeed at PAX Prime (even if I didn't have a chance to use the unique controller xD)!

Hi folks! My name is Travis, and I saw your game at PAX West 2016. I loved it and I'm excited to be a part of the alpha. I can't wait to dig in!

Hi! I'm Drew. I was a programmer on Jamestown+ and things. I saw the game at GDC and talked to Greg a bit but didn't get a chance to play. Really excited to try it now!

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Hey all, I'm Dan - I'm from Chicago and I just released Dog Sled Saga. Really excited to be playing the TumbleSeed alpha in the comfort of my desk after trying it a bunch of events (even in a few of its precursory forms!) Getting a feel for the roguelike elements and farming up plots is already super fun, and I had overlooked that stuff on show-floors.

Grats on the alpha launch!

Hi all, I'm Jamie. I saw the game at PAX West and had a lot of fun with it; looking forward to digging into this more tonight. I had previously played "Ice Cold Beer" at the Pinball Museum in Las Vegas. An inspiration?


Yes! Ice Cold Beer is a HUGE inspiration for us. The goal was to be able to play that sort of game without needing to go to an arcade -- AND to expand the game by doing things that can only be done in a digital version :)

Greetings from Sweden :)

I'm Sebastian. Played Tumbleseed at PAX and now back for more! Currently studyin' game design on an island in the middle of the baltic sea. Nice to meet you all

I'm Mike Schneider, I'm a software engineer in Rochester, NY, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about TumbleSeed since I played it at PAX. BTW on the topic of Ice Cold Beer, they have an ICB machine in the giant free play arcade at MAGFest every year, be sure to check that out if you're at MAG in January!

Hi! I'm Nick, I played your game at PAX and managed to get pretty far on my first play there. Just wanted to hop in and say great job on the game, its got a great aesthetic and is really relaxing, the music is great too!

Hi All I'm Patrick a gamer and developer from Chicago. Love this game and wanted a better home version of Ice Cold Beer for a while.

I hope to find some time to find some bugs to make Benedict fix them only because he left us alone in Chicago.

(Come back Benedict we miss youuuuuuu!)


Miss you too, buddy!!

hello i am John groot i am a game developer in Chocago, current game student at DePaul, and i dotn have autocorrect thrned on

Hey there, I'm a stranger on the Internet, located in the far away land of Germany and am consistently hooked by games where aeiowu was involved (Hundreds, Ridiculous Fishing, Threes).

Curse you for making games that my brain can't ignore!

Hey everybody,
I'm Christopher, I run a studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I also love Tumbleseed to pieces. The alpha means that my playing of it isn't limited to my travel schedule for dev related events. :)

Hello everyone,

I'm Jay, I rarely share this name publicly on the internet which I feel shows how much I trust this community.

I have been a competitive player in many games across the years along with beta testing around 30 games to date.

Tumbleseed appeals to me because it has something that I have a lust for in games to the point I won't stop waiting and searching for games with such a lust.

Being extremely unique while being extremely interesting and intuitive. Also having great developers. But when I say unique, I mean something new unheard of, or maybe even bringing back an idea to life that died years ago. Besides tumbleseed, the next type of game i'll be waiting for potentially even finding and beta testing much like tumbleseed I am planning to for tumbleseed would be an Openworld, MMORPG with bases, capture systems and gangs and a community with a competitive nature.

I think TumbleSeed should fulfill my time well while I wait for as mentioned above and it also fits my list well.

I also am quite cocky, love puns and word plays to absurdity and my rolemodels or in my case mainly just people I find inspiring are mike shinoda and adam conover.

That's just a disclaimer to get that out of the way. Google the people above if you feel like it.

Hi All!

I'm Joel and I'm making all the music and sound for TumbleSeed. Often with found objects and weird synths.

I live in Chicago too.