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haha wow, that was literally a jinx

i believe you can request/redeem your steam code on the download page. If you search your email for "New TumbleSeed build! Now in beta" there should be a download link in there that takes you to that page. It's a bit weird since I think it needs to be a unique URL so I can't directly link it here it

Awesome feedback!!! Thanks and sorry for not responding sooner. It's been awhile since we've updated the itch version (it's all Steam at the moment) buuut we can maybe do that today anyhow. a LOT of these have been addressed. The only ones that haven't are that ps4 controller bug thing/weirdness, dialog on the gambling area (banker was a bug) and a few others (like music and that shop gripe, which is a good point, i have some ideas...)

Thanks again, keep up the feedback! We're looking to wrap up here in a few weeks so it's getting down to the nitty gritty for sure but we wanna get all that cleaned up as much as we can! :)

thanks sebastian! that should be amended in the latest version on steam. i'm preeeetty sure. Yea the previous bomb fx were p bad. sorry about that!

thanks mike, yea those overflows should be fixed in the new builds, i did a pass over them a bit ago. do let us know if you see any though. we will do a final pass over all the dialogue in the game real soon. oh and that snow bug should be fixed in the latest version (we'll probably put that up today?)

ok it's fixed! thanks mike!!! should be live in next steam build

oof dats bad. def look into that ASAP. thanks again mike! clutch find

good call on sending you back to leaderboards post-daily.

for difficulty: so yea, i just played to prove your wrong and got iced in the desert so hahha, my usual strategy sorta failed there and i took a few too many risks that bit me. desert definitely needs a look at for sure, esp. with the node/plot flies. there are tons. i'll take a look at snow as well, we did a bit of a big shift recently to try and make those biomes much more unique feeling by introducing enemies in each as opposed to sorta having a lot of haphazard overlap, but yea, certainly could use a pass or two. thanks mike. our head's have been mostly focused on other parts of the game balance wise so this was needed. :)

great, thanks for the screenshot gerry! will be a big help. haven't seen that one before but i have a hunch. for the spider: that's a bit of a known ongoing struggle. it's on the list and adding it again per your report. thanks again!

thanks mike! your help has been so invaluable. thank you thank you thank you!!!

cool yea this is on the list as well. it just never gets reenabled it seems. thanks mike!

you end up learning that innately and also it was just too much work. the shards looked bad and making armor for each individual enemy and then animating that armor, we just don't have time and it'd weaken other parts of the game that need more attention

thanks! added to the list :)

hmm interesting. seems like this is probably the case with other passive type plants as well. we'll look into it

oh awesome, thanks so much mike!

haha! yea f'real. doesn't belong here!

oh yea! totally. yea i've even seen this from a couple people streaming the alpha. i still have never gotten it, though maybe it's related repeat play. do you seem to find it late in play sessions? like after a lot of rounds? i feel like it's an altar room or jump challenge not being cleared up or something...

i've been trying to get a sub 12' run for awhile now, and i finally did it on the daily. last week we worked on getting the metric for our leaderboards down and it'll be height > time > minerals. so if anyone wants to throw down speedrun style, let me tell you i'm really digging it and it refreshes the game a decent amount for me. It adds another thing to the economy: time which is interesting at a lot of decision points. do i go in this shop? is it worth it to grab that gold crystal over there? it'll take me like 7 seconds at least... etc. etc. not to mention summit boss with like 2 powers...

oh hmmm, that link you pasted isn't working for me. i wanna see the Great Purple Nothing

thanks for the feedback gerry! sorry we haven't responded sooner, we're crunching for GDC and in general but definitely hearing your points esp. about difficulty and thinkin on 'em!

haha oh man, me too exactly. i was speedrunning and it was benny hill all over that summit.

ps... man, i love speedrunning so much if you ever get a chance to try your hand we're currently shooting for a sub 12' run.

ah yea, that'd be another one with problematic origin/parenting stuff going on. ok cool, put it on the list, should be able to trakc this down no prob!

ooooof, that's rough. we're gonna add that to stats so your pad progress on the boss is tracked. 4960 = 1 pad, 4990 = 4 pads etc.

i think this might be due to homing tracking to the wrong origin on certain enemies. was it the purple LOS shooting guy in the jungle maybe?

wow thanks for the log and report. never seen this. guessing your specs are windows yea? looks like it miiiight be shader related is why i ask. idk tho

thanks mike, added!

for sure, we'll do a death particle fx! thanks for the suggestion

yea that's one our list. it's a real game-breaker. i'm not sure what the plan is but i think it's what you said in fixing the homing amount.

<3 thanks chris! :) this warms my heart cockles

for sure, you don't have to pick a seed to try it. that's probably unclear. you can just go to the test spot above the crystal and it'll test that. i think what will end up doing is just not removing the possibility to test seeds even after you pick it up. if that makes sense?

Awesome, yea I hear you hank, on that shooting challenge. i have NEVER gotten it, we just forgot to push it up to like 20s this build. Also a lot of the other stuff. Also, sorry about the sacrifice room not being messaged, shops not having desc. etc. etc. there's still a lot of little stuff like that that needs love but we had to draw the line somewhere in the interest of shipping this beta.

for difficulty: this is something we're going to be massaging until the final day of sending it off. so yea. we actually haven't changed the hole density, though we have changed the "peg" spawning a bit. and i thiiiink the enemy density is pretty much the same too? but yea, there may be just some tendency towards hole/enemy clustering that we need to manage.

NOTE: Are you all using the try-a-power out in crystal rooms? that was a huge addition that we are hoping gets folks acclimated to suits they might otherwise not try. that's something specific we'd like feedback on if possible. i know that sort of primes you to try it, but before this were you experimenting up there at all with more dangerous powers and stuff?

i hear ya, i have an idea for how to fix this. it bugs me too

you may reunite with your lost friends one day though, just not this day.

We just pushed a big new version. If you have Steam we recommend playing through there from now on since you'll be able to have leaderboards and access to the Daily run there. We sent out an email to you all just a minute ago but here's an incomplete list of some of the big things we've added/changed in the game:

TumbleSeed 0.6 Beta

  • Leaderboards (Steam only). You can see where you rank now globally amongst all players (the TS alpha and anyone else that has access through Steam, including us).
  • You can now play a Daily (through Steam only) that is the same for all players and only playable once. You'll see where you rank in the local leaderboard above the title screen.
  • Seed power videos: instead of a description of each seed power in text, we've made videos that show the power being used to help understand each function better.
  • TrySuit Area: In each "choice room" or "crystal room" as we call them, you can now "try before you buy". We hope this will help people get comfortable with trying new suits and widening their arsenal.
  • Reset save data: This version WILL reset your save data with quests/tutorial and so on. We're sorry about that, but it's part of the growing pains of this whole process. Hopefully it doesn't set you back too much.
  • Tutorial: The tutorial is much more polished so if you bounced off it, give it another go.
  • Camps/Towns/Villages: New stuff, I don't want to spoil too much but we've made huge leaps with those.

Gameplay specific changes:

  • There are a lot of seed power cost changes. Shotgun (now called SpreadSpore now, most of the seed names have changed too) costs 3. Antidote 5. Horizontal Projectile Thorn 3, and so on.
  • Crystal Seed now gives you 2 crystals, no more no less.
  • Enemies drop a lot more crystals, especially high health enemies. 1hp enemies: (1 to 2) crystals. 2hp enemies (4-6), 3hp (8-10).
  • Star Power is now a 5 plot investment
  • Digseed, Gardener, Radius Teleport, Red Hot Rock and Warp are no longer available powers.
  • There's probably a few things I'm missing but I think that's most of them!

Anyway, let us know any general discussion you might have in this thread and if you have larger thoughts feel free to make a new thread. Thanks as always for playing and hope to hear more about how these changes are affecting your experience. :)

Hey y'all! We just announced some exciting news we've been sitting on for awhile now. TS is gonna be on the Switch this Spring. (Along with PS4, Mac/PC Steam) Thought ya might wanna know.

Also, we've been pretty quiet for awhile on here because we've been extremely focused on getting to beta in time for launch. A lot of new content/art and polish for the game. Here's a couple shots of what we've been working on that you haven't seen yet in the current build. We're hoping to put up this new build sometime next week, though who knows. But yea, just wanted to give you an update on that front as well. Thanks everyone! Tumble on!

yessss! congrats :)

just wanna say thanks as well! also, we've added a few things that will be in the next update, probably most importantly is a test-chamber above each pick-1-of-2-suits room (we call them crystal rooms) where you can try out each suit offered before you make a choice. hopefully it'll bring intermediate players such as yourself to try new suits and get more comfy with them.

hi dillon! this is weird hmm... i thiiiink you should be alright but maybe your version of lion is not compatible with some of the gfx stuff we do? hmm... is there any way you could get a unity player log from us? if you cmd+space then type "console" you'll see a unity folder in there like this: if you could grab Player.log and email us ( that'd be a huge help.


awesome! thanks randy :) we'll look into the camps more closely for sure.

yea all the auras are temp as is the other stuff you mentioned, actually working on auras right now haha. they'll sorta look like this: with the gem attached to the vine and a familiar that is attracted to that gem. like little spirit friends that follow and help you.