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Awesome feedback!!! Thanks and sorry for not responding sooner. It's been awhile since we've updated the itch version (it's all Steam at the moment) buuut we can maybe do that today anyhow. a LOT of these have been addressed. The only ones that haven't are that ps4 controller bug thing/weirdness, dialog on the gambling area (banker was a bug) and a few others (like music and that shop gripe, which is a good point, i have some ideas...)

Thanks again, keep up the feedback! We're looking to wrap up here in a few weeks so it's getting down to the nitty gritty for sure but we wanna get all that cleaned up as much as we can! :)

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Oh! My bad for not keeping up with the Steam version! Is there a way for us testers to download it or do I get to purchase it again? I haven't been able to find info on this. Best of luck in the final time of polishhhhh!

Go to your itch library ( and click on "Download" under TumbleSeed and that page has your Steam key.

haha wow, that was literally a jinx

thanks for the info you guys! I'll redownload and hopefully give some more relevant feedback!

i believe you can request/redeem your steam code on the download page. If you search your email for "New TumbleSeed build! Now in beta" there should be a download link in there that takes you to that page. It's a bit weird since I think it needs to be a unique URL so I can't directly link it here it