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Hiya! Been trying to play this, but on my Android, the game is pitch black. Is there a web version or a windows version available somewhere? 

Super pleasant and nice. I love all of the details, the spell animations, (especially the gardening one! I would love more wizard gardening) the lil' night animals coming out. 

I found the text bubbles a little hard on the eyes when they flew across the screen everytime sometime talked and also scrolled into existance at the same time. The story itself was nicely built up and had me crying + laughing.  

Thanks for making this!! 

thanks for the info you guys! I'll redownload and hopefully give some more relevant feedback!

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Oh! My bad for not keeping up with the Steam version! Is there a way for us testers to download it or do I get to purchase it again? I haven't been able to find info on this. Best of luck in the final time of polishhhhh!

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I was just blown up by a bomb due to not knowing the explosion range - I did not even have the bomb visible on my screen yet it murdered me, which did not feel fair. A visible explosion radius would be super helpful!

Hey guys,

I have not had the time to play tumbleseed in a while, but I am glad I took the time today! Booted up the game after a two month abscence.

Here are some notes on the opening parts. Most of it is really minor because you have an amazingly polished game already

  • I love how much care is put into the introduction of the game - which I think is needed considering how unique the gameplay is.
  • In the opening scene - you start up the first tutorial bit without any sort of menu or settings. This was a bit annoying for me bcause I wanted to set the game to be on my 2nd screen. I realize now I could have just paused..wait have the settings always been in the pause menu?? Now I feel silly.
  • Tutorial bit - when exiting and entering houses, the music pieces are individually nice but somewhat jarring to change between in my opinion. It was fine but the transition felt quite stiff music wise. Kinda like skipping a track on a playlist.
  • The flagseed initially requires no diamonds but ends up requiring one diamond. Ahhhhhh inconsistencies! I can see your reasoning behind this though, hm!
Wait why is this hat kid a scholar? They don't look like a scholar! Is there a backstory here I have not uncovered yet or do you guys not have established character personalities? I think you guys have a pretty neat opportunity to set up some nice characters considering one meets them every time one resets - but I understand that's in the super super polish department! For now this kinda took me out of it, especially since the same person was just hanging out outside a bit later. I've also been spoiled by breath of the wild's characters which may be why I'm more sensitive to this lol.
  • I want the deflect shield to have more juice when it deflects!
  • When testing powers - maybe have the seed to be tested fly into the teleportation thingy so that it is communicated the power "comes with" the player? Aside from that I am a bit worried players will just grab a power without testing it considering the testing area is above them - but maybe it's fine for players to figure that out afterwards.
  • I still did not feel 100% safe when testing powers - losing health was super scary! Maybe..communicate that the player is replaced by some sort of dummy character? The original seed could hang out at the bottom of the screen in a mind control device while a dummy rolls around..but it's tricky to communicate too. All I'm saying is - I knew the rules but was still scared because it was still me rolling around. Color filter is super smart. Shit maybe it's an ancient seed showing how to do it? :O
  • No explanations for what the bank or wheel of fortune is? I got to the 2nd area on my first run, maybe that is why? Or is that coming up in a later update? There were no speech bubbles and I was confused.
  • SHOPS! Showing three items- alright! However balancing left and right to see the middle item while simultaneously trying to figure out a GIF while evaluating benefits and costs is super stressful! It's super uncomfortable to do two things at once for me - made the shops feel stressful rather than like a treat. Maybe simplifying the shop to only two items (either roll left or right to view item, up to grab it) or finding a less stressful way to preview items could be nice? This is minor, I know!
  • On the leaderboards - I got no data. It's all empty. Not sure why. I use the client. Ohhh that's just steam right? Dang!
  • Maybe this is due to itch - when using a PS4 controller on the scoreboard screen - "everyone" and "friends" will have the same X button attached to them, but pressing X does nothing for me?
That was a whole lot of nitpicks! I am getting super specific because this is getting so damn polished it makes me cry a bit. Keep up the good work and best of luck in these final..months? Weeks? I dunno! :D

I got to the boss yesterday! Only had two hearts to spare so it was pretty rough but had a ton of intense fun with the boss. Got three special pads planted before dying! Better luck next time

Just had this too! :)

(3 edits)

* By ragequitting when falling down a hole, the playerspeed is lowered until the game is restarted.

* This may not be a bug but 100% of my friends are confused about the hitboxes when seeing the tutorial area - since your ingame friends have no hitbox but looks like they would - they think the game overall has inconsistent hitboxes. It obviously gets better once you're in play but I've gotten less good first impressions from it. Might be worth considering tweaking :)

* Oh here's a small one - a questgiver called me Mr. which might not roll with people who dosen't identify as dudes :) It's the reaction to the "get 15 gems" quest

A couple of smaller things

When restarting, you have to wait for the UI to finish popping up before being allowed to roll. Minor thing but I'd love to move at once.

In the crystal rooms, as well as the shops, one has to roll close to items to see what they do. This is a bit irritating to me because a) I'm bad at making decisions and reading while simultaneously controlling the seed and b) it takes time to roll left and right and I want to get back into the flow of the game ASAP. The crystal rooms are already a flowbreaker for me so I'd love to minimize the time I spend there.

To me, the shop seeds seemed a bit expensive - why pay lots of crystals for them when I can just find them in the real world? I might be missing something but I often just skip it to save time.

Also OH MAN THERE WAS THIS WORM and I actually murdered it using a mine seed. It felt AMAZING

Having lots of fun so far! :)


I'm having the same issue in current playthru.

output log:

Ah cool! I really like the idea itself because when I noticed it I became much more alert, making sure to plant checkpoints more frequently.

Hi! I am not sure if this is a feature I have not figured out or a bug - but at two times, holes have appeared right where I am rolling. The first time a hole suddenly appeared right next to me (In the place I just had been). Second time a huge hole appeared where I was hanging out, killing me. Did not spot any animations or indications for a hole to appear there. I think this was..once in the 3rd area and once in the 2nd area.

My theory is that this hole creation where the player rolls is in fact a feature- but I didn't spot any feedback or warnings for it and it felt like a bug so I figured I'd tell! :)

Greetings from Sweden :)

I'm Sebastian. Played Tumbleseed at PAX and now back for more! Currently studyin' game design on an island in the middle of the baltic sea. Nice to meet you all