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Hi! I am not sure if this is a feature I have not figured out or a bug - but at two times, holes have appeared right where I am rolling. The first time a hole suddenly appeared right next to me (In the place I just had been). Second time a huge hole appeared where I was hanging out, killing me. Did not spot any animations or indications for a hole to appear there. I think this was..once in the 3rd area and once in the 2nd area.

My theory is that this hole creation where the player rolls is in fact a feature- but I didn't spot any feedback or warnings for it and it felt like a bug so I figured I'd tell! :)

haha yep! it's a "feature". Not the best messaged feature/gameplay in the game but it's a sinkhole and when you roll over that part of the ground, it appears and starts to fade in so you gotta get outta there before the hole fully appears and you fall in. We'll add some sounds and better animation for this eventually, but yea, that's what it is for now. They become much more prevalent as you go up the mountain so good to know about for sure. :)

Ah cool! I really like the idea itself because when I noticed it I became much more alert, making sure to plant checkpoints more frequently.