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This is sort of intentional that the placement of certain plants affects their usefulness and your decision on whether to use it or not. Does it feel unfair?

No, it just felt a bit awkward being catapulted into a wall.

I found a crystal in a perspectively impossible spot

And teleseeding into a hole lead to some very unexpected behavior and the inevitable end of the run:


If you want to continue with the sort-of roman numerals, here are some bigger numbers:

  • L: 50
  • C: 100
  • D: 500
  • M: 1000
  • I had a spring plot spawn in such a way that it would catapult you into a wall. Granted, one could steer away from the wall while flying up but then one would quickly find oneself above a nearby hole. Pic
  • Quitting the game during a "You fell into a hole, now watch your progress reset"-cutscene causes the red screenflash when starting a new game and causes some unexpected behavior.

Hey there, I'm a stranger on the Internet, located in the far away land of Germany and am consistently hooked by games where aeiowu was involved (Hundreds, Ridiculous Fishing, Threes).

Curse you for making games that my brain can't ignore!