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hoho here he comes.

  1. Whenever I get into a menu my brain tells me to navigate with the dpad on a ps4 controller (which doesn't work in seed selection). Would also be nice to back out of the seed selection menu with the O Button, tho it is Arguably not a problem b/c forcing selection of a seed isn't bad and reduces buttons used, etc.
  2. #BringBackMyEmojis.
    1. When will we get to put sick EmojiSprays on the Mount?
      1. the PSHT sound effect would work well.
      2. In that vein, this game is kinda like one long grind rail sesh in Tony Hawk Pro Skater X. Could you add some sparkies to the branch that would be dope.
    2. IN all seriousness, the new text gets the point across but removes a lot of the mystery in the game. Part of what I like the most about TS is the mindfulness and care it evokes through different aspects of its systems. For example, Branch movement is best controlled slowly/carefully, monsters are best dealt with through careful timing / reading of their behaviors, etc.
    3. I know that the emoji system caused confusion w/ people but it also creates a dialog between players.
      1. "I got the star seed and it makes you invincible!" says Tumbler #1 to Tumbler #2, "I bet I can get through all those crazy holes in the desert if I roll it in my next run". "Yeah but holes still gitcha!" says Tumbler #2. Tumbler #1 looks sad but understands.
    4. It also taps into the mystique of emojis. Their meaning is symbolic and have the potential to express complex ideas.
    5. I'm sure y'all have talked about all of this and have weighed pros/cons. that's just why I'm a Fan of that. At a minimum, the full text in seed descriptions make me use abilities less b/c I already feel like I know what they do so I'm not as inclined to experiment when I find something new.
  3. Sometimes Landing on an enemy after being Plopped up by them is rly frustrating. Would be cool if certain seeds were heavier and would smoosh enemies when they land back on the Branch. Or if it didn't happen at all but that's Too Easy.

hello i am John groot i am a game developer in Chocago, current game student at DePaul, and i dotn have autocorrect thrned on