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Hello everyone,

I'm Jay, I rarely share this name publicly on the internet which I feel shows how much I trust this community.

I have been a competitive player in many games across the years along with beta testing around 30 games to date.

Tumbleseed appeals to me because it has something that I have a lust for in games to the point I won't stop waiting and searching for games with such a lust.

Being extremely unique while being extremely interesting and intuitive. Also having great developers. But when I say unique, I mean something new unheard of, or maybe even bringing back an idea to life that died years ago. Besides tumbleseed, the next type of game i'll be waiting for potentially even finding and beta testing much like tumbleseed I am planning to for tumbleseed would be an Openworld, MMORPG with bases, capture systems and gangs and a community with a competitive nature.

I think TumbleSeed should fulfill my time well while I wait for as mentioned above and it also fits my list well.

I also am quite cocky, love puns and word plays to absurdity and my rolemodels or in my case mainly just people I find inspiring are mike shinoda and adam conover.

That's just a disclaimer to get that out of the way. Google the people above if you feel like it.