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Interesting way to look at it ;)

When you quit game, it saves your most recent run so next time you hop back in you can load your most recent run. Also you can abuse save files in alpha to rego back to a set point to help with alpha testing. You can test diff stuff in diff ways. (Of course this won't be possible once the game gets on steam. The abusing save files part won't, the reloading most recent runs should.)

So many great games have been ruined by a lack of save support or like in isaacs case, needing a break support. (Loads most recent run)

I didn't even know this game didn't have save support until a few minutes ago, I was super greedy on first biome, got to camp and found a cool aura without grabbing. Decided I'd take a break and maybe try abusing the save file to test a few ideas I have so I could give more feedback. (Grabbed every single crystal on first biome including every plot except 1 with crystal seed. That 1 was a thorn seed to open a box out of which I got 3 crystal seeds) I pressed quit reloaded and was at the village.

Thankyou for hearing my suggestion. Back when I made my last bug report, I didn't realise there was a bug report discussion so I'll make sure to post there in future. If there is a suggestion section then that's absolutely my bad again.

P.S. Still haven't grabbed an aura.

Something I've noticed throughout playing tumbleseed is that these can go hand and hand but you can also have one without the other both ways.

You can almost guaranteed make it to the second biome with just a checkpoint seed and not going for crystals but going up the whole time.

You can nearly always get around 20+ Gems on the first biome but it comes with a risk.

What i'm interested in is;

what's everyone else's take on Greed Vs Survival?

do you have a set balance you follow between the two?
are you just a greed steed leading machine who goes for every crystal and tries to mid max?

do you prefer to survive or get that economy going?

is there a certain way between or outlying around the two that you find more fun?

Good to hear! With the new update changes it's given me a cool idea for a challenge.

Now that's an awesome way to kill a spider. I'm about to download the new beta and try it out. A bit late to it due to being at christmas parties.

Think of these challenges like a Nuzlocke in pokemon if you know what that is, or blindfolding yourself to finish a rubix cube etc.

It's giving yourself restrictions in order to give yourself an extra challenge. I'm planning to edit this thread in future as I come up with more.

  • The first challenge is called the Mono-Seed Challenge. Basically, the aim of this challenge is to see how far you can go by only use one default seed.

I made my own categories for this challenge;

  1. Checkpoint seed. On my first try, I reached half way through the second biome.
  2. Thorn Seed. Haven't done yet. Will edit as soon as I have a first try.
  3. Heart Seed. Haven't done yet. Will edit as soon as I have a first try.

Feel free to try out the challenges I have or will in future suggest and list how well you did, (Scores, distance and how far you think you got through the biome)

Also feel free to suggest challenges below.

Have a nice day and happy seeding!

In the current alpha build, I've found sometimes when using the crystal seed and it get's it's cycle finished right next to a giant hole and spits out gems sometimes the gems end up in the middle of that hole which makes them unreachable.

(1 edit)

Probably one of the mobs i've been having the most difficulty with. It's a real thorn in my side and thorns don't even work on it!

I'm not just looking for the best way but also for the most unique way someone has killed a pink spider.

About the first of all, I didn't mean to say people were bad that's my bad there. I merely meant is there like a random challenge or something that I missed out on luckily or unluckily? I should've rephrased that.

On the second of all part, that's really interesting! I'll do some testing around that for sure.

First of all, why are so many people making a big deal out of challenge mode? I beat it on my first try. Second try etc. I see no issues with it if anything I find it a bit easy.

Second of all, what does that guy do at the mid sections with the empty gem sack that you can deposit 10 gems into??

Hello everyone,

I'm Jay, I rarely share this name publicly on the internet which I feel shows how much I trust this community.

I have been a competitive player in many games across the years along with beta testing around 30 games to date.

Tumbleseed appeals to me because it has something that I have a lust for in games to the point I won't stop waiting and searching for games with such a lust.

Being extremely unique while being extremely interesting and intuitive. Also having great developers. But when I say unique, I mean something new unheard of, or maybe even bringing back an idea to life that died years ago. Besides tumbleseed, the next type of game i'll be waiting for potentially even finding and beta testing much like tumbleseed I am planning to for tumbleseed would be an Openworld, MMORPG with bases, capture systems and gangs and a community with a competitive nature.

I think TumbleSeed should fulfill my time well while I wait for as mentioned above and it also fits my list well.

I also am quite cocky, love puns and word plays to absurdity and my rolemodels or in my case mainly just people I find inspiring are mike shinoda and adam conover.

That's just a disclaimer to get that out of the way. Google the people above if you feel like it.

Some of my seed suggests are more athstetic. About a 10th of the people who played isaac (Myself included) enjoyed a good majority of isaac mainly because of how awesome and unique the character could look and how much fun it was to get ideas from the character and make art. I actually know of a guy who was making isaac art and I asked if he would consider tumbleseed art. He said sure.

A bit disappointed at the lack of athstetic and customization but hey, maybe I just need to explore more to find it.

Now for my seed ideas (Rather then think of these as ideas for a seed, think of them as ideas for a set of seeds or a seed suggestion for inspiring other seed ideas)

  • A set of athstetic seeds let's call them. Let's say one seed places devil horns on all your seeds for the rest of the run and another adds a robe to your character the whole time.
  • Athstetics in this sense (As mentioned above) could be secondary effects for seeds. But it doesn't tell you what it will add!
  • A brainwash seed(You could call it something that sounds cool like; chance for the mind); every time you plant a seed on a patch, you have a 55% chance to get a spectral ion throwing knife. This ion throwing knife has a further 70% chance to activate and added on to that you have to aim it. You get one, it goes through objects and doesn't stop going until it moves off your screen. For each enemy it works/activates on, you get a familiar (similar to one like in isaac) that follows you around, buffs you or nerfs enemies in ways, maybe even attacks or defends you. The familiar stays with you until the end of the biome.
  • A revival seed. I'm not exactly so sure about this one so think of it as an idea seed. (A seed mentioned to give someone else an idea and to inspire) Basically, the general gist of this seed is; every heart you lose regardless of how counts first of all (Which could add synergies depending on rooms or items that might be added in the future), second of all, my idea for it was that if you scrolled over a patch with this seed, every life you lost would trail behind you (Instead of referring to them as lives lost think of them as seeds)they would act as zombies that kill stuff and help you out. Then I figured, that might be a bit broken and it's not really that original of an idea.
  • Much more but I forgot half way through writing this.

Have a nice night.


the Man, the Myth, the Maker.


Now that just makes me jealous. You got to meet him in person. I've met michaelalfox at a food restaurant though.

Cool idea from both mike and benedict.

Actually @benedictfritz he died at the end of the fourth biome.

I haven't appeared to find any rewards from the quests so far as one would expect as it is indeed a quest.

Although, i've found the quests in themselves act as a great tutorial.

Without quests, I wouldn't of known that spikes 1 hit you because I would always avoid them until I felt like testing them.

Imagine being at the very end of the game next to a hard enemy and thinking; "I can avoid that by going over this spike. Surely 1 heart is worth it considering I don't need them anymore and this is less of a hassle." **Then proceeds to get 1 hit.**

I guess you could say, the reward from quests is the greatest one of all; Knowledge.

As a matter of a fact, I'd love if as soon as you finished the quests you unlocked an NPC in the starting village that gave you a new starting seed. Also, onto that fact, I'd love if that NPC said to you at the end of the quests;

"You earned the greatest reward of all from the quests, Knowledge. Now wait 10 seconds because I like loading screens."

(Every dot is 1 second passing btw and the npc doesn't say the part in brackets but the area in ")

". . . . . . . . . ." "SIKE, here's a seed as cool as your tarot card, the fool"

Also, every time you talk to him after that, he proceeds to say randomly generated tips or quotes from a pool."

Such as "The fool is the strongest tarot card. Not because the person with that card is a fool, but rather a blank slate that can be mended into anything." or for example; "The written word creates forgetfulness in the learners soul. - Socrates"

another example; "What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right. -Albert Einstein"

(Much like binding of isaac in that sense. E.G. The lost or azazel or cain)

If you do consider that suggestion, I'd be happy to help with getting quotes for it.


the Man, the Myth, the Maker.


How I see getting gems from killing mobs is; Personally, I feel like it is already quite easy to boost your economy and get gems/crystals.

I expected killing mobs to give 0 and that would be extremely balanced.

Then I found out that mobs give gems when you kill them and I thought; Well that's a bit broken.

Then, I found out that they have a chance to give extra gems/crystals and I thought; Well that can be abused.

Then, I got 5 golden gems in a row. (Worth 5 gems) and I thought; That was easy.

Also, I've found there are to many seed plots. Something that I think there needs to be more of are challenge rooms.

I don't mean to be the boring guy here but if I don't say it someone else will.

The crystal seed.

Without this baby, I can't start my economy and I can't become the very best pokemon master.

First of all, I'd like to point out; I am unaware if this is intentional and not a bug but I will treat it as one.

From my experimenting and testing in tumbleweed since I bought the alpha a few hours back, i've noticed one thing about mobs that stands out. Not in the sense of how the mob interacts or moves but rather how the mob takes damage. The 2 thorn variant seeds I've found don't do damage to the pink spider. Lasers don't either. It might just be a download error on my end and I might need to redownload the alpha build so if someone could confirm this from their alpha build it would be appreciated.

Now onto the suggestion.

Basically, the suggestion is to give something exclusive to alpha testers;

A dev variant of the game.

Creative or sandbox if you will.

Basically, this variant of it could be not just available to alpha testers although I said that just as another thought you could go on.

You'd be able to remove holes from the map, spawn in spiders, make yourself invincible, edit areas and whatnot.

An example of a fantastic game that did this which helped out during alpha etc. is called Rimworld. Which you can find on steam.

While I do see this potentially being a bit of an effort to develop, it would make it alot easier to

for people like myself who enjoy testing games to their limits or as a side note;

maybe even turning bugs into advantages in competitive games
(Instead of rock paper scissors, call this spock if you will.)

Sorry i'll redo that sentence. It would make it easier for alpha testers to in a sense. Alpha test. It could also make it more fun to!

One thing you should do though if you do consider this is;

Remove being able to spawn in seeds and remove item rooms etc.

from the map in this mode so people can't just use it to ruin the seed suprise for themselves.

On the topic of my suggestion; I respect whatever decision you guys make there even if it's to just ignore it.

On the topic of my bug report; I hope this can be looked into.

Have a nice day.


The Man, The Myth, The Maker.