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Passive Powerup Idea Thread

A topic by benedictfritz created Dec 05, 2016 Views: 131 Replies: 5
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Hey friends! So we have a system of passive powerups that are not in the alpha (we call them auras), but I'm considering pushing an experimental build of this week. They function in the same way that the orbs you carry to unlock teleporters do. Part of the reason they're not in the game is that they're in a much earlier state than the seed powers, and we also feel like we don't quite have *enough* of them. I figured it might be fun/helpful/interesting to open up a thread where people could throw up some ideas for passive auras. Here's the auras we have so far:

  • Freeloader: plant any seed for free while at 1 health
  • TimedTeleport: triggers radius teleport every 10 seconds
  • TimedBomb: plants a bomb every 10 seconds
  • ThornRetaliation: every time you take damage you shoot out four thorns in the cardinal directions
  • ThornsForCrystals: every time you pick up a crystal, instead of gaining crystals, you gain a thorn
  • Vampire: every time you kill an enemy you gain a quarter heart
  • HolePop: you pop out holes you fall into rather than falling back to your previous checkpoint
  • Reroll: have the option of rerolling items in a shop or crystal room once

Again, no guarantees that auras will make it into the game, but, we're definitely interested in experimenting with them more and potentially getting some alpha player feedback (potentially via a separate more experimental build that you can download). Curious to hear everyone's ideas!

  • All non-enemy projectiles/attacks seek enemies to some degree and orbiting thorns slowly rotate towards nearby enemies
  • Increase size of projectiles/thorns
  • Increase speed of stick movement
  • Slow down enemies near seed
  • Getting hit removes N crystals before affecting health
  • Enemies cannot hurt you, but if you fall into a hole you die. Optionally, also add a rising "flood" or timer which will kill you.
  • Fill all holes, but any other damage kills you. Same option as above.
  • More crystals on the ground and more enemies
  • Plant for free but you lose access to all four basic seeds.
  • Slightly decrease the size of all holes
I'm sure I will think of more, but I should probably get back to work...

Wow, I really like crystals sponging damage for you before affecting health! I think that would create an interesting twist on the economy if you encounter it.

  • Add a permanent projectile that bounces around the screen without regards to gravity. Bounces off walls, the balance stick, and the top of the screen. Damages both enemies and the player.
  • Add a permanent thorn / damage area below the player / stick. Always faces straight down, though, so you have to be above whatever you want to hit with it.
  • Add a "ghost" seed that tracks your movement and damages enemies it touches.
  • Permanent poison aura
  • Add poison aura to all non-enemy projectiles
  • Attract nearby crystals
  • Add an extra seed option to the next crystal room. Or expend to get both seeds from a crystal room

Love these!!!!!!!! These are really f'in good

Some of my seed suggests are more athstetic. About a 10th of the people who played isaac (Myself included) enjoyed a good majority of isaac mainly because of how awesome and unique the character could look and how much fun it was to get ideas from the character and make art. I actually know of a guy who was making isaac art and I asked if he would consider tumbleseed art. He said sure.

A bit disappointed at the lack of athstetic and customization but hey, maybe I just need to explore more to find it.

Now for my seed ideas (Rather then think of these as ideas for a seed, think of them as ideas for a set of seeds or a seed suggestion for inspiring other seed ideas)

  • A set of athstetic seeds let's call them. Let's say one seed places devil horns on all your seeds for the rest of the run and another adds a robe to your character the whole time.
  • Athstetics in this sense (As mentioned above) could be secondary effects for seeds. But it doesn't tell you what it will add!
  • A brainwash seed(You could call it something that sounds cool like; chance for the mind); every time you plant a seed on a patch, you have a 55% chance to get a spectral ion throwing knife. This ion throwing knife has a further 70% chance to activate and added on to that you have to aim it. You get one, it goes through objects and doesn't stop going until it moves off your screen. For each enemy it works/activates on, you get a familiar (similar to one like in isaac) that follows you around, buffs you or nerfs enemies in ways, maybe even attacks or defends you. The familiar stays with you until the end of the biome.
  • A revival seed. I'm not exactly so sure about this one so think of it as an idea seed. (A seed mentioned to give someone else an idea and to inspire) Basically, the general gist of this seed is; every heart you lose regardless of how counts first of all (Which could add synergies depending on rooms or items that might be added in the future), second of all, my idea for it was that if you scrolled over a patch with this seed, every life you lost would trail behind you (Instead of referring to them as lives lost think of them as seeds)they would act as zombies that kill stuff and help you out. Then I figured, that might be a bit broken and it's not really that original of an idea.
  • Much more but I forgot half way through writing this.

Have a nice night.


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