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  • All non-enemy projectiles/attacks seek enemies to some degree and orbiting thorns slowly rotate towards nearby enemies
  • Increase size of projectiles/thorns
  • Increase speed of stick movement
  • Slow down enemies near seed
  • Getting hit removes N crystals before affecting health
  • Enemies cannot hurt you, but if you fall into a hole you die. Optionally, also add a rising "flood" or timer which will kill you.
  • Fill all holes, but any other damage kills you. Same option as above.
  • More crystals on the ground and more enemies
  • Plant for free but you lose access to all four basic seeds.
  • Slightly decrease the size of all holes
I'm sure I will think of more, but I should probably get back to work...

Wow, I really like crystals sponging damage for you before affecting health! I think that would create an interesting twist on the economy if you encounter it.