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But I've noticed the behaviour on a few, I think including the purple LOS guy.

Shai Hulud, my ancient foe (i.e. yellow snake).


Oh, I get it. There's just a bunch of foliage that I don't expect should stop the cannon shot and does.

You could either make the foliage's hitbox less punitive for projectiles.

Also, I would consider a "cannon shot hit something and dissipates" animation, because it just disappearing looks wrong/confusing.

First shot of Cannon Spore seems to be broken. Either the first shot it shoots is invisible, or it simply isn't firing.

The beta feels fantastic. Definitely feels like a whole new version. Love all the extra ornamentation. Makes the mountain feel alive.

Homing shot is still super broken. I regularly fire it when there is only a single enemy within two screen heights and it just wanders off in a random direction.

But, aside from my broader thoughts about flow, your suggestion would certainly be less confusing that the current design.

That feels like adding an unnecessary step, though.

If you make it so that you can only pick one seed, and if you pick up the other, the first returns to its spot, you succeed in capturing all the functionality you want, but with one less layer of abstraction.

Especially since the videos of "how does this work" appear over top of the seed. Going near the need you want to test to see what it does, but not touching it, feels super unintuitive.

Daily challenges are the best, the make me super happy.

Challenge rooms being in the levels and not the camp makes so much more sense intuitively, and feel like a great addition to the levels, instead of being some strange thing you avoid in the camps.

The new art and sound are bloody great.

I don't think the game is a lot harder, but I do think it is marginally harder.

Oh, goodness, I really don't think that's how it should work.

I think that seed selection in the seed rooms should only be set once you leave the room.

1. Enter a seed room
2. Pick a seed
3. Enter test room
4. Try out seed
5. Leave test room
6. Grab other seed, first seed grabbed returns to its pedestal.
7. Repeat until you leave. When you leave, that's the seed you picked, the other seed disappears if you return to the room.

That makes it all way more discoverable without having to explain how it works. If you enter the room and just try and grab both seeds, it's self evident you can't (because one seed returns when you grab the 2nd) and the "pick and seed and then test it out" is super intuitive.

The desert feels so much better now. So much more interesting.

Ooof, now you can't see what seeds do before you buy them?

Bummer, too, because I found a Thwompy first room, and it could easily have been a game winning run otherwise.

Wow, the seed exchange thing. Needs some gating. I accidentally lost my heart seed trying to figure it out, and then ended up losing two more when trying to tap the second one to maybe get it back, because it dropped one, and then reset, so it took a second.

Super gross, def needs work.

Grabbed Thwompy from the first seed room, but in the test area, it switched me to Avalanche, and then when I left the test room, back to Thwompy.

The absence of all plot-creating seeds changes a lot of what I thought were the optimal strats...

Also, I gotta pour out some spirits for my homie Red Hot Rock. I never used you much, but you were cool.

No Warp also = :'(

  • Star Power is now a 5 plot investment
Oof. Tough, but fair. Star was too good.



Thwomp is game changing once you get the hang of it.

I've written a bunch about that here

I may not be complete, I might revisit that post and write more.


Good luck! You can do it!

Thwomp! Thwomp fixes all problems

I think picking more than 1 standard seed would wreck a lot of what makes the game great. I was suggesting just being able to pick one non-standard starting seed. That way combinations of seeds are still a matter of chance, but it means you don't get something that's completely useless for farming in the first biome.

Also, means players have a safe space to experiment with how seeds work (if you die in the first biome trying out a seed, you aren't risking anything).

Also, that's a really fast run for me. The one right before it took me 58min.

Wait, is the snake at the top a different colour depending on the play-through? That would be rad.

Or is it just because he is shootah his lazers in the tehawesome's screenshot.

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Killed by Digseed bug SO MANY TIMES. :P Maybe that's why I did it this time... 🤔

I'm super jealous you did it before me. Well done. Also, in 20min and barely any seeds! Truskill! :D

I did it! #stillbummediwasnotfirst

Didn't even get a Digseed or Gardener. Hard mode.

I almost got 15 today!

I remembered to screen shot it this time.

I have a Thwomp!

Then I move up.

Where did Thwompy go? 😞

Oh, don't worry, Thwomp will come back if you move back down again. But wait, when I move up, he's gone again! Crazy Thwompy! 😂

In terms of how to maximize first biome strats for maximizing what you have going into the second biome, here's my suggestions:

Run to the first random room, trying to touch nothing but crystals. Avoid all plots and enemies. If you don't get Horizontal Thorns, Vertical Thorns, Star, Thwomp, or Homing Seed, find the nearest spikes to kill yourself. Run to the random room again. Do this until you end up with one of those. Ideally Thwomp, because it is the seed I find useful most evenly across the entire game, but Star can be the difference between a good boss attempt and a flail, so play according to taste.

Work your way back down the first biome, trying to minimize the number of plots you use to kill the maximum number of enemies. That's why Thomp is the best at this. Use all other seedplots for hearts. Work your way up the first biome from the bottom with this method.

Ideally in the first camp, find a magnet aura. Do the challenge room, which with magnet aura and your run through the first biome should mean you have 30-50 crystals, and ideally 5+ hearts (assuming you aren't a derp like me and let your good pal thwompy hit you). Put some crystals in the bank. Buy every seed in the store. Not because you actually want them (although if they are good drops, then yay!) but to minimize the possibility of them showing up later in the game when you need something else.

Randoseed shouldn't cost any crystals to plant. It's just not worth it in almost anything but the most desperate situations at 1 crystal, and honestly even in those kind of situations it's probably not going to actually get you out of a bind as much as it will straight up kill you.

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Bah! #notfirst

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If so, it seeks a super weird enemy. This has happened when there was only one enemy on screen and the homing shot just flew off to screen upwards in search of... something

Even with ten hearts and 23 crystals, I still couldn't beat the boss. :(

I'm pretty sure it's related to the system that handles turning thomps off when you reach a camp, because I can get them to disappear by getting really close to the jump seed to camp, and then cause them to reappear if I back away from the jump seed. It just also happens sometimes in the middle of a level, and I'm not sure why.

I figured out what this is. If you select digseed while over a planted plot, and then return to the seed select screen immediately, it thinks you had a slightly different seed selected when you enter the seed selection menu (that is not digseed), so it plants it while the seed selection screen is up. Regardless of what you selected, it has already planted a different seed. I think that seed is in a particular slot (maybe the one right before or right after digseed? I'm not sure), because it's consistent across a run (on one run it was always cloak, on an other it was always vert laser, etc)

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So, that was a thing :)