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Dan FitzGerald

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I haven't landed a telefrag yet, but I sure did burn a lot of crystals trying to - Teleseed is my favorite I've seen.

(Apologies if I'm jumping the gun on posting a bug report in its own thread - not sure how you want to organize stuff)

Just found a little issue! I pulled up the seed switch screen during the animation for exitting an underground seedtype-get area, trying to do a quick swap before getting back into the wild. The screen popped up ok, but I couldn't select a seed or dismiss the screen. I'm using a gamepad in case that's relevant.

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Hey all, I'm Dan - I'm from Chicago and I just released Dog Sled Saga. Really excited to be playing the TumbleSeed alpha in the comfort of my desk after trying it a bunch of events (even in a few of its precursory forms!) Getting a feel for the roguelike elements and farming up plots is already super fun, and I had overlooked that stuff on show-floors.

Grats on the alpha launch!