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What really would not be fair is if games that break the rules would be officially ranked higher than those that follow the rules.

I don’t know, I feel like if the judges/community ranked the games that highly, that should take precedent over a wall of text that doesn’t have thoughts or feelings. If the community really only cares about games that follow the rules perfectly, then that would be reflected in the rankings and it wouldn’t be a concern anyway.

I don’t see how these disqualifications are anything but disrespectful to people who worked hard on their games and demoralizing when they don’t even get to see their contributions alongside their peers, even if they are at the bottom of the list. Waiting until the end of the voting period seems especially cruel, because they were able to see those ratings come in. Maybe you should comment on their entry on day 1 and at least give a heads up that the numbers won’t matter.

It’s also worth pointing out that there’s no messaging on the jam page about the potential for disqualifications, so for a lot of folks it seems totally unexpected and confusing, especially when there’s no direct reasoning delivered on a case-by-case basis. Posting a blanket statement on the Discord isn’t enough - it can’t be expected that everyone has joined (or even if they have, that they’re actively reading it). If someone’s work is being taken off the list, the least you could do is speak to them directly about why you feel it’s necessary.

I know I personally joined simply because I like dungeon crawlers and thought it would be fun to make one. If my contribution isn’t valued, then maybe you’d be better off making future jams unlisted and advertising exclusively to your Discord community. Or changing the name of the jam to something that feels more exclusive and exacting, so other folks don’t similarly read “Dungeon Crawler Jam” and find themselves shocked when their interpretation of the genre doesn’t meet expectations.

super cute!

fyi the sides of the game were a little cut off for me - i could still play fine but the pinwheel was only half visible most of the time (might be something that can be fixed in Unity’s export settings?)

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the tongue doesn’t work when gex is talking, but also there’s a bug where sometimes he’ll just refuse to open his mouth (to talk or tongue)

as a hacky workaround for this i made it so you can “force” the tongue to fire if you hit the enter key 5 times lol

you can jump up on the computer chair!

you can get on top of the counter with jump & tongue 😉

if i remember correctly, it makes one half of each pillar transparent - so you have a 50/50 chance of not losing if you run into one!

that was my same attitude while making it ☺️ will submit, thanks!

hi! i made a game last month that i’m very proud of, but it makes liberal use of music/sounds ripped from a 2001 GameCube game so i’m worried it might not be something that could be included in a paid bundle for legal reasons.

i’m curious if something like this has come up in the past and how previous submissions might have been handled? maybe replacing the assets would be an option (and would add a funny meta-layer to the existing game), but also that’s additional work i might not want to bother with unless i know the game will be included in the bundle…

so kind of a chicken and egg situation lmao. not a big deal either way, just been wanting to submit something for a while and this dumb game has turned out to be one of the most substantial and “complete” things i’ve made in a minute! figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask :)

done! thanks for the heads up :)

I agree that premade levels are fine for now. I'll check out those maze generation algorithms post-jam if I'm feeling like it's worth the time investment.

Thanks for the replies!

Does anyone have any insight into how the walls are generated in Cinco Paus? I'd like to do something similar but I don't even know where to begin with that...I can make them appear randomly without issue, but I'm not sure how to ensure there aren't too many or that a bunch of tiles end up inaccessible because they're completely squared off.

For the sake of actually finishing by the deadline, I may just end up going with a Spelunky-like approach (design a bunch of levels by hand and add/remove a handful of walls at runtime), but I thought I'd at least pose the question in case anyone has some really smart and fast way of implementing this that I wasn't aware of.

I think the buggy transition was actually when I'd drop the last water balloon, like maybe the camera wouldn't keep it in view?

Love the papercraft look. Would be nice if the card movement was slowed just a bit, was hard to tell what was happening because it moved so fast.

Construct 2, good choice!

I'm sure you're aware already, but some of the transitions were a little buggy (zooming in the wrong places) and the transitions were a little too slow for my taste (I'm impatient, I want to get back to the game!). Would also be nice if the player controls were locked until the transition finished, there were a few times I dropped my balloon before I could even see where the people were. :)

Hey, thanks for making this! I use Construct 2 quite a lot and bought one of those overpriced array editors you mentioned. I've come to appreciate some of the more advanced features it has, but it has terrible UI and likes to crash when I do the simplest things (like pressing Ctrl+V...). Really not the experience I'd expect considering the price.

Also, props for making your C2 tool using C2, I love it.

Forgive me if I'm repeating anything said above (there's a lot to go back and read!) but here are some quick thoughts I have after playing a few rounds:

  • The UI for crystal count is a bit hard to read at a glance. I've mistaken my count of 11 for 1 multiple times (read as "x1"). Of course, short of shop segments there aren't many times I need to fret over how many I have (usually I only need to worry if I have zero), but maybe a more skilled player would find this frustrating. The strokes are cute but I don't think they're worth the sacrifice in readability.
  • I also found myself confused by the heart UI during my first few rounds...they're so dark that I thought they were "empty" slots. I think an argument could also be made that they're a little hard to parse at a glance, but again, I'm usually not too concerned until I have only one (and at that point it's flashing). Making them a brighter red would go a long way.
  • A quick restart button would be very nice. The time between death and restart isn't too bad right now, but I'm used to Spelunky allowing me to go from death to restart in a second!
I haven't gotten super deep into it yet but other than these complaints I'm having fun! Keep up the great work :)
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Hi, my name's Izzy and I'm super excited to finally dig into Tumbleseed! It's like Christmas came early!

I like to consider myself the second coolest game dev to come out of my hometown in Iowa (Greg is the first). :)

Anna Anthropy's Dys4ia is the first title that jumps to mind, worth a look:

Hey DJ! Of course I remember. I hope you're still enjoying the game!

Thanks! I'll bump that up to the top of my priority list and let you know when it's ready :)

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Hey psymin! I'm totally down for getting the game on Linux, I just wanted to avoid having folks purchase the game only to find out that it doesn't work for their OS of choice. I've uploaded Linux builds of nearly all of our free games in the past because there's no cash on the line there, but I have very little confidence that any of them actually work.

If you're interested and meet the basic requirements to play the game (which isn't really an issue of PC specs, but more that you own two gamepads), I'd be happy to spend a bit more time trying to get a working Linux build together to send your way. :)

This is pretty cool! I started out a little frustrated because there aren't any explicit instructions, but once I figured it out I was hooked. :)

Hey there, you should tag your download as being a Windows game so it's playable in the itch app. Currently it says it's not available for Windows and I think that's why. :)

For sure, I'm aware that some folks can handle it, but most can't.

By all means though, if anyone has an awesome keyboard that you want to play versus on, just let us know and we can try to make it happen! I just don't want to spend precious dev time on a feature that NOBODY can use. :)

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That's correct, there is currently no keyboard compatibility. The reason for this is that most keyboards have a limit on simultaneous key presses which means that inputs get dropped when 3+ non-modifier keys are being held at the same time.

As a two player game that requires 3-4 buttons per player, it's simply not possible for us to provide a control scheme that will allow a consistent and fair game on a single keyboard. We WILL add limited keyboard support in the future for use in the single player modes and likely allow for a mixed input option for multiplayer (as in, one player can use the keyboard while the other player uses a gamepad), but it's unlikely that we will ever allow two players to play on the same keyboard.

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I love it! Took me about 5-6 hours total to get to the end. I think I did nearly everything but get all the health upgrades (missed 5 or so), but I may have to go back and see if I can't 100% it. Well worth checking out.

My friend hubol made this game a few years back and only recently brought it to itch, highly recommend checking it out. It's a Metroidvania game with some crazy visuals and some neat mechanics. I only just started playing it a few days ago but I'm already in love.

Works great! Thanks for the prompt fix. :)

Hi, I just started playing around with GameGO this morning. I'm showing off my games at a convention this weekend and I think GameGO would be the perfect way to curate my work in a way that I can offer multiple titles in a nice, clean, user friendly manner.

I'm aware that the program is currently being rewritten in HTML5, but I hoping someone might know how to work around an issue in the current build...when I select a game in GameGO, it opens my executable and everything seems to work as expected, except in the background, I can hear my gamepad inputs being sent to GameGO. Despite controlling my in-focus game, moving analog stick will still navigate the GameGO menu, and hitting A will open another game (which is about as disastrous as you might imagine it would be.

I could set the config.ini file to just close the launcher after opening a game, but I was specifically interested in being able to quit a game and return directly to the launcher.