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Gamepad inputs still sent to GameGO after game is launched

A topic by Eric Neuhaus created Feb 23, 2016 Views: 393 Replies: 3
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Hi, I just started playing around with GameGO this morning. I'm showing off my games at a convention this weekend and I think GameGO would be the perfect way to curate my work in a way that I can offer multiple titles in a nice, clean, user friendly manner.

I'm aware that the program is currently being rewritten in HTML5, but I hoping someone might know how to work around an issue in the current build...when I select a game in GameGO, it opens my executable and everything seems to work as expected, except in the background, I can hear my gamepad inputs being sent to GameGO. Despite controlling my in-focus game, moving analog stick will still navigate the GameGO menu, and hitting A will open another game (which is about as disastrous as you might imagine it would be.

I could set the config.ini file to just close the launcher after opening a game, but I was specifically interested in being able to quit a game and return directly to the launcher.


Hey Eric, thanks for giving GameGO a go! I think that would be a really great use for the software, I'll be creating a new version that fixes just this issue. So yeah, the HTML5 version is well into production so consider this the last update to the AIR version ;)

(If I haven't replied by Thursday, message me on Twitter)

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

You can now download version 1.0a from the Itch.io page, it fixes the issue :)


Works great! Thanks for the prompt fix. :)