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Forgive me if I'm repeating anything said above (there's a lot to go back and read!) but here are some quick thoughts I have after playing a few rounds:

  • The UI for crystal count is a bit hard to read at a glance. I've mistaken my count of 11 for 1 multiple times (read as "x1"). Of course, short of shop segments there aren't many times I need to fret over how many I have (usually I only need to worry if I have zero), but maybe a more skilled player would find this frustrating. The strokes are cute but I don't think they're worth the sacrifice in readability.
  • I also found myself confused by the heart UI during my first few rounds...they're so dark that I thought they were "empty" slots. I think an argument could also be made that they're a little hard to parse at a glance, but again, I'm usually not too concerned until I have only one (and at that point it's flashing). Making them a brighter red would go a long way.
  • A quick restart button would be very nice. The time between death and restart isn't too bad right now, but I'm used to Spelunky allowing me to go from death to restart in a second!
I haven't gotten super deep into it yet but other than these complaints I'm having fun! Keep up the great work :)

for sure!

quick restart is def a thing we will add, it annoys us too. lotta that is polish after we are feature/content complete though.

for the crystal ui: our next idea is to make that graphical and show the crystals themselves (transmuted into gold, emerald, white)

like the heart ui change idea too! would jive with the new crystal ui as well.

thanks eric