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Just some quick initial points (non-gameplay, but more menu flow) on UX elements:

  1. Think about making the initial post-install cold-opened tutorial skippable. I'm not sure if it was just me (running on Mac OSX 10.11.6), but I felt constrained to it and was unable to open any in-game menu to either just check or exit out of it. Could come up as an issue when re-installing and forcing players through it again. Suggestions either allow the main/pause menu to be accessible right away, or just open right to the main menu with the tutorial pre-selected so all the user has to do is hit go. Users don't like being forced to sit through stuff.
  2. During game over, allow users to just hit space to restart a run immediately (think about the death flow in super meat boy). Users will die a lot in this game - make the game over screen less punishing and more like something they can gloss over and restart immediately. Think like the game over screen in binding of isaac - it takes less than a second to start a new run.
One other point, aside from UI elements, is that I was surprised that fire didn't hurt me - I kind of expected it to. That might be for the best, but I'm a heavy binding of isaac player, so I guess my expectations are generally based off of that.
I tend to be picky about being forced to sit through timed UI elements, so stuff like this is what I immediately notice. I'm continuing to enjoy the game though, and I'm getting better at it each time I play. You guys rock.

Hi folks! My name is Travis, and I saw your game at PAX West 2016. I loved it and I'm excited to be a part of the alpha. I can't wait to dig in!