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Kenney Studio

Easily create your own asset variations using simple to use software! · By Kenney

Kenney NXT (prototype) Sticky

A topic by Kenney created Jun 30, 2016 Views: 2,844 Replies: 49
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Developer (3 edits)

Hey guys!

I've never been satisfied with the amount of features that Kenney Studio offers. Creating new templates is extremely time consuming and every template only has limited options. That's why I've decided to go a slightly different route with the next version.

Kenney Studio NXT is completely made from scratch and will be provided as a free update for everyone that purchased Kenney Studio. The old version will also remain available, since it'll take a while to get NXT up to par with the older version feature wise.

In the new version there won't be any templates. You start with a blank slate and you can add 'smart objects' from a range of collections (tanks, animals, characters, tiles, UI elements etc.). Smart objects have similar features as the old templates in Kenney Studio had. Each object has its own unique range of properties. Next to those unique features you can now manipulate each smart object with some standard properties, like it's position, size, rotation and transparency. While holding shift you can make the objects snap to a grid for easy manipulation.

You can also save assets you've made so you can share them with others. That way you get a similar functionality as the old templates in Kenney Studio had, each collection of smart objects also comes with a pre-made template like this.

Currently the base functionality is in, some large features still have to be made before releasing. Check out our Trello board to see what still needs to be done.

Hope you agree that this is a much better path to follow, let me know if you have any questions!

Hey Kenney ,

A few questions:

1. What does Kenney Studio NXT Stand for :) ?

2. So there will be this and templates, or templates will be removed ?

3. Will there still be a button creators ?

4. Is the 0.6 changelog on the Dev board up to date ? Or NXT is already included in those tasks included ?

5. Is the new release called Kenney Studio 0.6 or Kenney Studio NXT ?

Looking forward to the Kenney Studio NXT release!


Hey Donni!

1. NXT stands for 'next' actually, just a little name I use myself.

2. Templates as they are now will be removed. In NXT you can create templates yourself, just arrange a few smart object and save the template. Then you can share the file online, that way many templates can be created by users.

3. Yes, it'll contain a few smart objects to create buttons. If you've got a configuration you like, you can save it as a template.

4. Nope it's not, those will probably be scrapped depending on how fast NXT progresses.

5. Currently Kenney Studio will remain at 0.5 and NXT will be added as a separate download. NXT will have active production until all features have been ported, then NXT 1.0 will be released.

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Thanks for the quick response.

@2 : So can users import new templates ( that other have created this new way ) and re-edit them ?

@5, since it is a seperate download how would it work with 0.5 ? Is is a totally different software ? Or is is sort of a extension you import into Kenney Studio? If it is totally different software does it still include Axonometric ?

6: Will logo, and outline creator still be part of Kenney Studio ?

Also will the Kenney site, Kenney Studio page be updated as well ? The screenshots look pretty old.


2. Yep, you can open/edit/save templates.

3. It's completely new software and at first won't come withe the axonometric and logo components - although they might be added later on. That's why the old version will remain for download.

And you're right, I should update the screenshots there - hah!

Thanks for the answers :) !

Looking forward!

When do you expect to have this new version?

Is it possible to pre-purchase?

Are you going to include objects packs, besides the ones you have in kenny site?



The first version of NXT is expected to release on Friday. As it's a free update for everyone who purchased Kenney Studio you can pre-purchase by simply purchasing Kenney Studio. Most of the object packs that will be included/added are made for Studio, not simply copies of the assets already available :)

I hope runs on Linux, doesn't it?


It'll use the same back-end as Kenney Studio, so if that ran on Linux (I heard it does using Wine) then this will too.

Hello Kenney,

Will the Kenney Studio NXT work on MacOS ?

Thanks !


Yes absolutely! I hope to release the OSX version either this weekend or on Monday.

Cool ! :)

Anything new about the OS X version. I can not wait any longer :-)


Sorry for the delay there! Working hard on Kenney Studio 0.1.1 already which adds some new features and will break all save files of 0.1.0 (that's why I want to wait a bit and release 0.1.1 for OSX).

I love more features :-) Cool!

Anything new about the 0.1.1 OS X version?


It's available right now, plus a free demo version too.


This looks cool1.

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Nice work Kenney ! I love this new way !

How does one go about creating these "Smart Objects" I've looked through the .fla file in animate and I think I'm beginning to understand how they are made, but it seems terribly complicated.


It's actually pretty simple, but it does require some instructions - I hope to be able to write those up if everything else is ready.

Okay cool!
I'm not a flash guy, just got the animate trial, so everything is terribly complicated to me in that respect!
I just hope that it is easier than in KS 0.5!
Good luck!


Will try to do a video tutorial to make it a bit easier :)

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Looks amazing! Well done Kenney. Just downloaded the Mac version and it seems to just quit instantly when you open it. No error or anything. I have 'Allow apps downloaded from: Everywhere' enabled so shouldn't be a credentials issue.

Is there a bug report anywhere I could have a look and send over?



p.s. I'm on OS X 10.11.5


Is OS X 10.11.5 El Captain? I'm not too much into Mac stuff, but another user also reported this to me. I'm updating to El Captain myself now, it's probably because I used an old version of my software to compile. Hopefully it'll be fixed in an hour or two.

Yes, El Capitan. Thanks! No rush on my part!


El Captain compatible version is now available (0.1.1A)

Kenney, this does look awesome, but I am also having the same issue as PJ. You have done an outstanding job, my man.


El Captain compatible version is now available (0.1.1A)

you rock!

Hey Kenney,

have you ever thought to realize Kenney Studio as open source?


Developer (1 edit)

I'd like to keep this project closed source, the reasoning behind that is because it's made using Adobe Animate and sharing the source won't do much good. There's no way for people to easily add to the code, or even understand any of my babbling. There's no classic, no structure and no comments.

Also, I do this full time and Kenney Studio is about the only thing I really ask money for :)

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I know such problems - I'm also self-employed and love my cash-cows :-)

But the Kenney Studio NXT (KSN) project is young and you could e.g. switch to Unity3d (C#, Javascript) or any other multi plattform IDE. I believe there are many capable C (C#) and Javascript developer which could support the project.

The templates for KSN could you sell as IAP, e.g. Alien Pack for 99 Cent. You could offer it als Unity3D Plugin or as iPhone, iPad, ... app. AdobeAir and AdobeFlash die or are not supported (e.g. iPhone, iPad).


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While I don't feel as strongly about the Open Source route as @ThoPel, I would echo his comments about some sort of Unity plugin / easy integration, especially since it's new 2D workflow & toolset are quickly becoming huge in the industry. Kenney, if you can tap into this revenue stream, you'll be singing! I would look into Unity Asset Store, even as a standalone tool to start with, but then develop proper integration from there. People pay crazy money on Unity assets.

Also, if NXT would include some sort of Normal map creation tools (similar to Sprite DLight - in the future, Unity folk (a HUGE user base) would be buying it like hotcakes!

I don't really mind either way, just thinking of your cash cow! (also self-employed 😉)

Also, just saw that you've added some free 3D assets to the Unity Asset Store (from your packs), thanks!

I agree. I think that this project would thrive if it was more open, and had more templates able to be produced. If it is a possibility, and you'd want me to Kenney, I could whip up a basic clone app in electron to show you how it'd work. As I said I am not an adobe Animate guy; I am a Javascript guy.


I agree with you guys! There's a couple of problems though;

My skills are limited to using Adobe AIR at the moment, while I do know a fair share of C#/Unity it's not enough to create an application out of it. I'd be open if someone wants to attempt creating a version like that, but currently the Adobe Animate SWF files make it extremely easy to create the elements in the collections. I haven't found a file format Unity can work with that will have the same features.

The second is costs. It's fairly easy and quick to create new features for Kenney Studio NXT in its current form, creating a collection takes about an hour or two. The donations to my game assets plus the sales of Kenney Studio are on the low side and I'm having a bit of trouble to keep managing everything. That's why I try to go for quick releases to boost sales, instead of creating an open environment.

Hope you guys understand, I'm all open for ideas and thoughts though!

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I totally understand and agree, that's why I wouldn't worry about open source or even building it in Unity. What I meant was keep developing as you do, maybe just look into / get someone to create some sort of hook between Kenney -> Unity (or even Kenney <-> Unity, though the file format might be an issue I guess). Or like I said, could you just put it in the Asset Store as a standalone app to boost sales? I'm pretty sure I've seen some standalone apps there without ANY Unity integration..

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The first requirements for Kenney Studio U (U = Universal :-):
- read Adobe Animate SWF files, so that no additional expenses for creating templates arise
- Unity integration
- Kenney Studio Asset Store

A dream come true :-)

In a lot of games, the most important asset is the main character.

This is one of the few assets that will always need a lot of different phases and animations.

I find it rather hard to create an animated spritesheet for a character using Kenney studio.
I would love if this would be implemented/simplified


Yeah I have an idea how to solve the animation issue, it'll work like this:

You can create 'snapshots', each snapshot acts like a pose. So you pose the character to stand, and create a new snapshot and make him duck. Then the system will animate between those two poses.

It won't be a very good animation method, but atleast it'll be easy and fast - exactly what I'd like Kenney Studio to be :)

would there be a way to preview the animation?

and potentially modify a snapchat if you are not happy with the frame.

If you have to start over every time you are unhappy with the animation it would not be very easy and simple :P

If I already bought Kenney Studio (Version 0.5) where can I download NXT?

Its uploaded in the same place you download 0.5

According to the developemnt board everything for 0.1.2 is complete. Is it ready for release? May be like a day earlier ?


It'll probably arrive a bit later, this is because I can't dedicate 100% of my time on this project (yet).

Hey Kenney, can I create tiles using Kenney NXT ?


Not yet, but the next version (should release somewhere this weeks) adds the first tile elements - more will follow!

This uses adobe air? :/ I have to use air at work, and it makes me very sad inside. Haxe and OpenFL are the future!


The end-user will not notice anything of Adobe AIR, no need for the runtime to be installed.

Haha I was joking about you using AIR. But yeah the packaged runtime option is nice!