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Yes! We need an emoji picker!

@Aron Marczylo,

First of all, you can't import sprites like isometric tiles or any sprites or tiles for that matter. This is a planned feature of importing images and is not implemented yet. But it is planned. Right now you can only create with the pre-loaded sprites. Second is that when you buy Kenney Studio you get 2 downloads.

Kenney Studio 0.51 (deprecated) - An older version of Kenney Studio, includes a 3D Axonmetric creator, this version was before the re-brand of Kenney Studio, with a totally different UI. Probably going to drop off the download page in a month.

Kenney Studio NXT 0.2.0- The latest version of Kenney Studio with the new UI, does not include 3D Axonmetric creator. As Kenney said above, this feature will probably not make its way back into Kenney Studio. If you want to create 3D assets, I'd suggest looking into Asset Forge another tool created by the Kenney Group, not out yet though, still in development.

So for now if you want you can create 3D assets you could ( limited features )with the Kenney Studio 0.51 using the 3D Axonmetric creator. The Axonmetric creator, however does let you import 2D assets to attach to the side of the cube. But if your looking to create real, nice looking 3D or Axonmetric assets, I'd just wait till the release of Asset Forge, the old version of Kenney Studio isn't getting anymore updates on the Axonmetric creator, probably going to be dropped off the download page soon. And Kenney Studio NXT isn't getting a Axonmetric creator. Or if you can't wait then just buy a Sketchup subscription( will take some learning though).

Best of luck,

Included components (0.2.0):

Firearms (11 objects)
Rockets (5 objects)
Simple Character (4 objects)
Spaceships (7 objects)
Tanks 'n Boats (10 objects)
UI (3 objects)
Voxel Pack (7 objects)
Alien character (5 objects)
Facade/building elements (6 objects)


Some suggestion features:

  • Multiple Owners of game- If two or more companies are working on a game together, developers could add other accounts to be assigned with the game.
  • Multi Payments - If two or more companies are working on a game together, one of the game devs could have a payment option to send a set percent of the game profits to other account(s). For example when a player buys the game, sends 50% of the payment to Joe's account and 40% of the payment to John's account.
  • Game page permissions- If two or more companies are working on a game together, one of the companies could give acess permission to other account(s), to modify the game page.
Well these are my suggestions,


I noticed that the Mac version is usually always a bit later then the Windows. Do you have to create a separate version for mac :) ?


I thinks the Mac version is released.

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward!

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Hello All,

Created a suggestion feature list for Kenney Studio future versions:


1. Bring back Axonmetric creator

2.. The ability for users to import custom made collections/ and sprites ( once we get some documentation)

3. The ability for user to export a sprite as .ken files

4. The ability to save created assets to homescreen ( that way if we are in middle of working on a asset, we can save it to the dashboard and continue working on it later.

5. ( once suggestion #4 is implemented ) the ability to create folders on the dashboard ( homescreen ) to organize assets.

6. A button to get back to the homescreen from the sandbox ( instead of reopening the app). Maybe something like " Exit To Homescreen " button, then a popup " Would you like to save this assets to the dashboard to continute working on it later ?" Option button selection : "Yes", "No" , "Continue Working On Assets".


  • Buttons
  • Plants
  • Tappy Plane
  • All Voxel Tiles

Well these are my suggestions, I'll keep updating this list ( and crossing out features which have been implemented as new versions come out) instead of creating new topics each time. Great job on the app Kenney :) !

YAY! Its here!

@kenney, you sending out a email soon? A notifcation to buyers that there new version is out :) .

Really looking forward to this update :) !

Update Original post.

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Kenney confirmed he is back to working on Kenney Studio, at last!

Update coming soon!

New! - Animation Tools

Hello Kenney! Are you working still working on the update? Its been 101 days since the last update...

Yeah! Its online!

@Cut Garnet Games, Discord is open to everyone, you just type in what you want to be called. Creating account is 100% optional is is not mandatory to use discord. You just need to share the chat group invite link.

To Jam Organizers:


So for the IRC channel, can we use Discord? Since most of us game devs already use discord for these types of communities and have accounts.

All request can be submitted here

Amazing Tiles Kenney !

There are, however these are semi-realistic isometric assets which are exclusive to this pack..

Thanks for the reply !


For transactions with credit cards, do the credit cards get verified and the money is transfered after like amazon? Or is the money transfered right away?

Go to the tab that looks like a save button. Then press "Export Spite". The file is automaticly exported a a .png.

The update is almost done but Kenney give exact dates when it'll be released.

here is a source embed link :

This is a normal dropbox link :

This is a embedable dropbox link :

To make it embedable you have to change the id=0 to raw=1, however while most forums have the abilty to embed dropbox links, does not.

Anyway to embed dropbox videos ?

Hello Kenney,

I saw the video of the animation that you posted on twitter. Looks amazing! Will the update be ready by the end of the week :) ?

Okay :) , also, what are you working on now :) ? Kenney Studio or Game Assets? Its been a while since KS NXT got a update, and there hasn't been any asset announcements for the last 2 weeks. So I was wondering what your working on :) .

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@Kenney, Oh, I didn't realize they were on the development board already. Good to know !

A few questions:

1. The UI Elements says complete, but there is a update checklist ;

  • Button(s)
  • Round buttons/panel elements
  • More icons

Any idea what NXT version is this checklist update is planned to be packed with ?

2. So after the sandbox is complete the plan is to work on the Astronomic Module, and add more collections, and new features?

3. Also, can I request a assets for NXT? The Tappy Plane asset pack.

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Introducing: The Firearm Interceptor! Right now in only comes in red, I'll add more colors later.

Download Here

So dev team, what do you think ?


So you know how on pages users have the ability to enable community? My suggestion is there should be a option to enable a issue tracker. Gamers can create issues in the issue tracker about bugs they encountered in the game. The developer or admin can create categories and mark issue statuses . Admins can also create millstones which list all the completed issues and open ones and how close they are to reaching the next versions. Similar to github milstons.


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Hello Kenney,

I saw you just release the windows version of 0.1.2. Its fantastic! I love the voxel tiles and characters ! Nice Job !

4 Request :

1. Can you add the planned collections ( button and plant ) to the trello board ?

2. Please update , kenney studio page, its so outdated.

3. Can you add Workspace color selection to the trello board ?

4. The video tutorial on how to create collection.

Some Suggestions for 0.1.3 :


  • The other 80 voxel tiles added to NXT
  • Tappy Place asset pack into NXT


This is how the Kenney Studio NXT menu should look:

- 2D Sand Box, Button - Takes the user to the 2D sprite sandbox ,what we are currently using now.
- Astronomic Creator , Button - Similarly 0.5, creates normal Astronomic sprites and users can exports them as png AND .ken files.
- Astronomic Sand Box, Button - like the 2D sandbox users can import .ken files and sprites move them around and attach,
but not just any .ken files ... Astronomic .ken files. Users can attach Astronomic sprites and re-customize them.

- Logo Creator Button - null

- Object Builder - null

Hello ,

So in big business applications such a Microsoft Office they have something called product keys. Where once you purchases and download it comes with a ingrained key that allows the download file to only be able to be run on your computer. How would we attach a key like that to our games ?

Hello Kenney,

You should really advertise Kenney Studio in Game Development Forums such as Stencyl and Construct 2. Kenney Studio is such a useful tool for developers I'm sure it would become very popular from those place.