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How to leave a video comment or reply Sticky

A topic by leafo created Aug 25, 2016 Views: 1,803 Replies: 11
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You can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your comments and posts on In order to do this, just paste the link of the video into a new line in the text field, then hit enter. The URL will be swapped out with an embed to the video.

This also works for Sketchfab embeds. Just link to a model on Sketchfab and hit enter to replace it with the embed.

If you have any ideas for other integrations post them here!

Anyway to embed dropbox videos ?


can you show me an example of their embed code?

This is a normal dropbox link :

This is a embedable dropbox link :

To make it embedable you have to change the id=0 to raw=1, however while most forums have the abilty to embed dropbox links, does not.

here is a source embed link :

Hi leafo,

Great feature. Can I edit other people's comments in order to turn their YouTube URLs into embedded videos? I didn't manage to make it work.



You can't edit other people's comments. One option though is for us to scan through links and automatically convert them.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was talking about other people's comments on my game page of course. :-)
Editing other people's comments everywhere would be pretty awesome too but I can see the downside of it. :-D

Oops, I did manage. You just have to paste the URL (not the link) on a new line and then press Enter, which is what triggers the magic. The magic happens in the text editor box itself.
Very nice.

Can we upload offline videos ? I'm referring to videos which we haven't uploaded to YouTube or any other site.


I plan to add support for uploading short mp4s with our image upload tool at some point in the future. If you're trying to upload longer high-res videos I recommend still using some third party service though.

K then.... shall wait for mp4 support.

Thanks for replying :)