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Mauro Vanetti

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Un articolo sulla stampa locale parla di questo gioco: http://laprovinciapavese.gelocal.it/tempo-libero/2017/10/08/news/il-museo-e-noio...

Ha ha pippinbarr, you are right. It's a bit overcomplicated, or overmystic if you like. :-)

The idea is: the fugitive and her enemies are both lured by the fires, and the fires are turned on by the stars above. The rules governing the movement of the fugitive and the enemies are different, because the fugitive can be confused (by multiple fires for example) and stop, while her enemies always move, if they have equivalent choices they just pick one randomly.

The sentences below should give you some hint about the way the characters move around.

However, yes, it's very hard. I and Simona managed to complete it but, hey, we made it. :-)

Some have argued that private questions are illegal in an interview in many countries. Yes, in some countries they are, and yet they keep on being asked because the bargaining power is unbalanced.

Pure genius.

«Deal with it» is not a fact: it's a suggestion to let physical differences trickle down on economic and social inequality.

The sources omit no data.

The "narrative" of gender bias can be "narrated" to you by any conscious woman of this planet.

Gender quotas don't exist in most countries of the world. In any case, I'm not in favour of the false solution of gender quotas FWIW.

Of course it is, in a sense, political propaganda.

Please, please, please don't "suggest" it. I don't want to have people like you supporting this game.

Hello asgaroth!
Do you believe that the game is biased, that I am biased or that the reality of the labour market is biased?

Perhaps the answer I gave to the question whether it's possible or not to have the woman hired was vague on purpose because that is a crucial point of the game. Or, who knows, I am just very evil... :-) What's your guess?

I have provided several stats to show that unfortunately it is not.

Please don't use this comment area for silly comments like this one.

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It's basically a short game built around a "message".

I don't want to be too Italo-centric here, but many short works by Molleindustria qualify as playable leaflets IMHO. I made up this concept while talking about my Two Interviewees during a presentation for the Game Design Week in Milan (in Italian: http://www.maurovanetti.info/?q=ludovolantinare).

Some great examples:

I don't know if the category has some academic depth, but this game would definitely fit in it. :-)

Another example of the playable leaflet concept. Well done and important message.

I'm afraid you are over-optimistic about the marketing industry you picked as an example of a woman-friendly sector as far as hiring and wages are concerned. In some countries it might be the case, but there are injustices there as well, as this article indicates: http://prosar.com/2015/09/17/its-time-to-close-the...

The 80% rule sounds like a very weak barrier. 80-20 is still very unbalanced, and it does not necessarily solve the pay gap. I feel that there's a deeper, systemic issue at stake here.

I'm hugely flattered by finding this game listed on the 2016 highlights by Molleindustria (aka Paolo Pedercini) that puts «emphasis on politically-aware/ underrated/experimental works». Try the other games in the list, they're amazing and show how much room there is in this medium for reflection, satire, feelings, history and politics ("in a good sense"): http://www.molleindustria.org/blog/molleindustrias...

What's your feeling about it?

This was such a nice reply.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was talking about other people's comments on my game page of course. :-)
Editing other people's comments everywhere would be pretty awesome too but I can see the downside of it. :-D

Oops, I did manage. You just have to paste the URL (not the link) on a new line and then press Enter, which is what triggers the magic. The magic happens in the text editor box itself.
Very nice.

Hi leafo,

Great feature. Can I edit other people's comments in order to turn their YouTube URLs into embedded videos? I didn't manage to make it work.


Translation: «Oh LOL, men and women are not equal by nature, deal with it. :^) »

Comment: you are a sexist.

I definitely don't mind! :-) Please post the let's play here.

You mostly understood how it works. I tried to explain it better in the description. Too mystic! :-) Sorry about that.

PS: I had no idea who Milo Yiannopoulos was before two minutes ago. The fact that you are quoting a "professional troll" as your inspiration is telling enough.

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This little game is about working-class problems connected with gender. This is a comment area on a little game about sexism in job interviews. It's not a repository for rants against middle-class strands of feminism that I do not support, or lists of problems males have, or irrational theories about Trump being a consequence of people criticising offensive usage of language. Stay on topic please.

The only part of your comment I am interested in replying is the link. The link brings to a theory I have replied to uncountable times: the theory that it's all about choices, i.e. women choose career paths that make them earn less. This theory is not a refutation of the gender gap, it's just an attempt at simplifying its explanation by ignoring all other factors and blaming the victims. However, it leaves more questions unanswered: and why do women disproportionately choose those paths? The point is that there are systemic issues making women "choose" to earn less. Women who try and choose something different from the ordinary for themselves are going to face discrimination because they are not following the norm, which in turn strengthens the "preference" for the norm. It is a vicious circle.

Double lie:

  1. This game was originally posted on itch.io and this has always been its main headquarters.
  2. You cannot delete a comment on GameJolt. I could delete them here, but I don't.

Precisely by looking at the current state of the US and UK I find that there is an urgent need for more social justice. The only explanation for such an incredible statement as that there is too much social justice in those countries is that you have a very wrong definition of "social justice". Social justice means equality and solidarity and I have no idea how you can have too much equality or solidarity.
I know that some ultraconservative people in the US use "social justice" to mean something else (i.e., their obsessions and straw men) but I'm not going to adapt my vocabulary to their wrong assumptions.
Your conclusions about the gender gap are wrong, check the data I provided in this very page. The gender gap is more serious in some Third-World countries but it's still a huge problem in Western countries as well. You can cherry-pick small subsets of data with arbitrary preconditions to make your point but this is not going to change the fact that there is a gender gap in wages, employment, work time, career progression, etc. What is going to change it is the struggle of both male and female workers, united.
(By the way, it's a little arrogant of you to come here and leave such a comment as if I had not researched thoroughly what I'm talking about and as if I had not read this kind of pseudo-arguments one hundred times already.)

Actually, the game is free.

What do you mean? Is it possible to have too much social justice?

Not in a world like this.

I won't answer. :-)

Oh yes! Send me an email please: posta@maurovanetti.info

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After about 7,000 downloads from several websites and app stores, plenty of reviews and video reviews in many different languages, a bit of controversy, a third version of Two Interviewees is going to be released soon.
The new version is going to include music, SFX and extra translations: Spanish (with distinct European and Latin American versions), Dutch, American English (it currently defaults to British English), Finnish and German.
I'm looking for more volunteers to help in the translation effort and join the improvised team in a multilingual challenge against sexism! If you are perfectly fluent in a language based on the Latin alphabet and you wish to help, comment here and get on board.

Oops. Good point. :)

posta at maurovanetti dot info

This is really cool because yesterday I brought the game to an exhibition in Milan and a composer volunteered to write a soundtrack. I told him: «OK, let's make a version 1.2 with audio and another translation, Spanish maybe». Then another guy from Brazil volunteered for a Portuguese translation and I thought version 1.2 was about to be made with 4 languages and audio, but with your proposal version 1.2 will have 5 languages and audio! Send me an email please, I'm looking forward to do it.

You have to click on "Download now", not on the individual downloads listed below. A dialog box will open, asking you for an optional donation, you can just skip it if you don't want to donate and then you have to pick the download that works for your environment: Windows, Linux, Mac or Android. I checked right now and it works.

It's going to happen. :-) Cool.

It's over 50 euros now. I'm keeping on reinvesting the earnings in advertising.

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Do you want to see something impressive? I didn't know when I wrote the script but somebody tried to simulate in the real world exactly what Irene and Martin/Marzio do in Two Interviewees. It's in Italian but I guess anyone can understand pretty well what's going on. The opposite reactions to the last question about wages are precisely as in the game.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbQXJeH9UMI

I earned 23.50 euros so far, which is amazing if you consider that the game is free and very short. I am already reinvesting all these funds in promoting the game through sponsored tweets and search engine ads. Thank you donors.

It's much more than OK: it's what I hoped for. :-)

Thank you! The artist is my friend Emanuele Klemp who's just started to move his first steps in the gaming industry. I believe he has some real talent that can be put to good use in this sector.