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Hardly so. I'm a lifelong Trotskyist.

Hey Elisa, for some reason I missed this comment and I'm answering it only now, 5 years later.  First of all, thank you for your appreciation and the time you spent playing this game.

In the real world, this was not a story a violent political activism. We were beaten by the police but we did nothing violent. In the game, you can explore different possibilities, including strict respect of police orders or active violence. Obviously, the consequences of those choices in the game reflect my opinion of those tactics, and this is debatable but there's no way a game can be completely neutral - and it's not desirable, in my opinion.

About neutrality, I don't believe the police is neutral and has the function of enforcing the law. This is the way they advertise themselves, but my experience tells otherwise. The police defends the status quo, including, to some extent, fascists and racists. Actually, most cops and carabinieri in Italy are fascists and racists, and this is not by chance; there are exceptions, particulary in the lowest ranks, and I know some cases, but unfortunately they're in a minority.

I and Chiara did not depict the cops as pigs, but as dogs. It's the Fascists that were depicted as pigs. I leave it to the player any inference from this… er… "artistic" choice.

Organising unauthorised demonstrations in Italy is not a crime. The law is more nuanced: demonstrations are a constitutional right, but you are supposed to notify the police with a little advance. They can forbid it only for serious reasons. In this case, we notified them in September (for November). The police falsified the fax date and told us that the Fascists had asked the same square before us (in the trial it emerged that they did it the day after). In any case, we did not demonstrate in the forbidden square. The police attacked us in any case because we were in the way of the Fascist march.

I believe that we did right. You say that we should fight unjust rules about "unauthorised" demonstrations, instead of breaking those rules. But what we did is actually the only effective way we had to fight that wrongful enforcement of the rules.


Yeah, it's so tiny that understanding the way it works is basically the game itself.  :-)

Still, the title screen can work as a silent microtutorial…

Oh please, jam organizers, let it in!


  • The Violence Inherent in the System
  • Balance and Unbalance

Do you know what's really cool? This →

I see! In Construct, layers trump Z-elevation, which can break the perspective. In order for Z-elevation to work with perspective the objects whose Z-elevation you want to manipulate (with my addon or manually or in another way) have to belong to the same layer.

This gave me headaches so many times…!

Thank you Samuel!

Which problem have you met? I can help.


Thank you for your kind words.

It is definitely feasible via messages to flowcharts (i.e., tags in Ink automatically translated into Fungus messages by the Gateway), but I get your point. We might include a special syntax to handle the stage controls, like we do for dialogs, characters and portraits. My only concern is that the amount of parameters could be overwhelming.

If you had a magic wand, what kind of syntax would you like to see implemented? Can you write a sort of documentation of this potential new feature?

130! It's interesting the game gets more and more difficult as the penguing grows in size, until you are eventually bound to succumb to the raining seals. What did you use to make it?

Yet another playable leaflet by Pietro Polsinelli, Pino Panzarella and myself.

In Divide et Impera, you are a disingenuous political leader cunningly exploiting hate speech to divide and rule.

Pick your next tweet, target it to 9 individuals on the portraits' grid, analyse the effect of your reckless activity, try and break the links that keep the fabric of your community together. How many hateful tweets will it take to split the community?

Play it @ or download it on your smartphone from the official stores.

Bilingual version: English (Trump) and Italian (Salvini).

Please let me know your opinion about this game and the mechanics used to convey our message. Thanks!

Played in Chrome on Windows and it's lovely. The procedural soundtrack is amazing.

Thank you!
Actually, it's a bug but the bug is letting the players save their match. :-) It's so short it doesn't really make much sense. I should just disable the saving.

The bug was fixed with this small change:
The bugfix will be available in v1.0.2 in the next few days.

Thank you again for your precious feedback.

I have reproduced the bug easily and I've created an issue about it:
Hopefully it's going to be solved very soon.

Thank you, now it is much clearer to me. I'll be checking this issue in the week end, watch this space.
Jumps are among the least tested features of the integration and it's more than likely that some corner cases weren't properly addressed.


BTW, it is on the Unity Asset Store now. :-)

Hi! Thank you for using the Gateway, I'm really glad to receive feedback from actual users.

I'm not sure I understood what you're trying to achieve. If you want to start the scene at a specific knot, this is dealt with by Ink and there's no need to use the "Ink/Jump To" command in a Fungus flowchart. Just put -> knot at the beginning of your Ink script.

But if you want to control the flow from a Fungus flowchart, you can do that. The example scene in gives you an idea of how you might do that. Can you explain better what happened in your case? You said that it correctly jumps to the right know, but nothing happens, which makes me wonder how you found out that it correctly jumps there.

Silly question: are you sure you are talking about the "Ink/Jump To" command and not the "Flow/Jump" command?

Let me know and sorry for the late response, I was ultra-busy… playing Oxygen Not Included. :-)

I'm so glad to hear about that! Please let me know more about that, will you send me a link? Even better, if you could post it on the Unity Asset Store that would really help other people to realise what they can do with this.

Thank you! We will, we definitely will.

Loved it.

Yeah but how would you be able to meaningfully play with some people muted?
Furthermore, there are many languages in this game but they are still a minority of world languages. My language, for example, has 60+ million native speakers and yet it's not in the list.

Voice chat is usually messy, unintelligible for non-native speakers, more toxic and abusive than text chat, difficult to follow with 10 players and actually out-of-context with this game style. Please keep the chat as it is.

Everything you said makes sense but voice chat is ugly and tough for non-native speakers, please keep the text chat instead, it's so much nicer.

Not so close but I am definitely keeping on working on it! I realised that I can implement new Fungus command blocks, which is what I need to make the Gateway more usable.

Once it's done and I find out how to make a proper Asset Store package, it will be deployed, I swear.

If anyone wants to help me with that, they're welcome!

Hi and thank you for your kind words!

I'm not sure I understood what issues you found. The square brackets get no special treatment by the Gateway, it just feeds on the output by the Ink engine which in turn interprets the square brackets in options as explained in the Ink documentation.

Can you give me an example of the inconsistencies you found? They sound very much like an Ink thing but I might be wrong because this tool is still quite rough and not thoroughly tested.

Notice that disabling the echo flag suppresses the repeating of the option's text after the choice. If e.g. you have something like this in Ink:

How are you?
*    I'm fine[.], thanks.
- Great.

With echo off you get this output:

How are you?
Option: I'm fine.

With echo on you get this output instead:

How are you?
Option: I'm fine.
I'm fine, thanks.

You can toggle the flag in the Ink-Fungus Gateway object's Narrative Director component.

Please let me know more about your issues.

Thank you so much! I'm going to improve it in the next few days, it's been used in my course and the students managed to create nice tiny prototypes, their experience showed me what I need to fix and extend in the project before I publish it on the Asset Store.

Even if it's free, given the subject I'd like to submit my Little Antifa Novel:

In solidarity.

Hi Gabriel, thank you so much for your appreciation.

I'm planning to test it a bit more with my students, wait for some feedback (and perhaps pull requests!) from the dev community, cram in a few more useful features, and in July or August I guess I will have a stable version to detach from this template project and publish for free on the Asset Store.

Please let me know if you want to use it, I'd love to see how my child can fare in a wild environment, it's been more of a lab rat so far but I'm confident it has potential. In that case, I'd be eager to help in integrating it in an actual game.

Of course I don't mind! That's great. We could make a version 1.5 integrating your translation as well if you are OK with that. I will need a few extra details such as your name for the credits. If you don't mind, we can do that together at the end of December, I'm pretty busy right now and I want to give you the time you deserve for your very kind effort.

Thank you again!

Simple and nice. Add a difficulty curve maybe...

This is wonderfully written + it displays in a few minutes how much capitalism sucks.

This game has become part of a political controversy in Pavia in October 2018. This article in Italian on Vice Motherboard gives a detailed explanation of the developing story:

Great! Thank you so much.
We'll be contacting you soon.

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Hi! I'm part of an all-Italian team and we'd really like to make our game available in English too.
We can write the .ink files in a fairly decorous English with no obvious typos, but as you can tell from this message it might still sound a bit awkward.
I guess several teams with no native speaker are going to have the same problem, so I'm asking whether some nice mother tongue is willing to volunteer for a last-minute proofreading of the .ink files to fix all the awkwardness. We could use this thread to help demand and supply meet.

Love and gratefulness by the unfluent.

Fascinating and inspirational.

Great playable leaflet about Net Neutrality. You won't be getting what's wrong with breaking NN quicker than this.

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The crimes I was accused of were of a non-violent nature: peacefully resisting the (illegal and violent) actions of the police officers, insulting (i.e. criticising) «political, administrative or judiciary bodies», organising an unauthorised demonstration. Most of the accusations have already fallen since the game was published, but a few are still pending, namely the insults against the impersonal «bodies» and the unauthorised demonstration.

I agree that in general freedom of expression should be protected, e.g. my freedom of expressing the idea that the police behaved in a very wrong way that night should be granted instead of trying to frame it as a crime. The same applies to my freedom of organising an Antifascist demonstration.

I disagree that all kinds of expression should be protected, for instance I would not allow any individual to bully weaker people with words and gestures. If a man sees a woman passing by and calls her a slut I would not consider that freedom of expression that ought to be defended. The same applies with using ethnic slurs against Jews, black people, gays etc.

Fascist slogans and rallies in paramilitary fashion are a form of psychological violence against minorities, are harmful to the society as a whole and they are always used to prepare and organise actual violence against real people. For this reason freedom of expression simply doesn't apply to them, as it doesn't apply to ISIS apologists or promoters of rape.

You have a very prejudiced view of what antifa people do.
A few weeks ago, a Fascist group set up a gazebo in my hometown (Pavia, Italy, depicted in the game) and started to spread racist leaflets. We called for the racist gazebo to be forbidden, but when the authorities authorised it anyway, we prepared a counter-leaflet replying to all their lies. We surrounded the gazebo with ordinary women and men handing out our anti-racist leaflet and it was a huge success for us and an embarrassment for them.
We outsmarted them as you suggest.
Unfortunately, the Hillary Clinton types who run the city government are the ones who authorised the gazebo and did nothing to counter it.