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Ink-Fungus Gateway Interactive Tour

A free open-source integration of Ink and Fungus for Unity · By Mauro Vanetti

Issues with [] in responses.

A topic by libdudeak created Jul 24, 2020 Views: 163 Replies: 2
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Hi, this is going to be a fantastic tool!  I've been playing with it a bit and have noticed that there's inconsistent handling of [] in choices.  Alternately it seems to omit the text after the bracket, work perfectly, skip forward to a different knot (!?!!), or closes the say dialogue (maybe it skipped forward to a ->DONE in these instances?).   I'm not sure where to begin figuring out where this issue comes from, but I figured I'd make a thread about it so someone with more familiarity with the guts of this tool can take a look at it if they feel so inclined.  

Thanks again for making this thing, Ink+Fungus is a match made in heaven and I wish it had been around before I created something MUCH rougher from scratch for my current project (My core competency is writing in Ink, so my C# scripting is messy AF).  Keep up the good work!


Hi and thank you for your kind words!

I'm not sure I understood what issues you found. The square brackets get no special treatment by the Gateway, it just feeds on the output by the Ink engine which in turn interprets the square brackets in options as explained in the Ink documentation.

Can you give me an example of the inconsistencies you found? They sound very much like an Ink thing but I might be wrong because this tool is still quite rough and not thoroughly tested.

Notice that disabling the echo flag suppresses the repeating of the option's text after the choice. If e.g. you have something like this in Ink:

How are you?
*    I'm fine[.], thanks.
- Great.

With echo off you get this output:

How are you?
Option: I'm fine.

With echo on you get this output instead:

How are you?
Option: I'm fine.
I'm fine, thanks.

You can toggle the flag in the Ink-Fungus Gateway object's Narrative Director component.

Please let me know more about your issues.

*forehead smack*  I didn't have the echo flag checked.  With the way I write in ink this omitted a bunch of diverts and broke the whole thing.  Everything works swimmingly now that I have the flag checked.  Thanks for the help!  This tool rocks!