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A free open-source integration of Ink and Fungus for Unity · By Mauro Vanetti

How to use "Jump To" to move through multiple knots?

A topic by dhernan881 created Mar 20, 2021 Views: 139 Replies: 6
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I'm new to the Ink-Fungus gateway, but I'm trying to use the Jump To command to jump to one knot, then have progress resume from that knot.  I have a "Jump To" command in my Fungus flowchart and it correctly jumps to the right knot, but nothing happens beyond that, even though the knot has a -> in it. When I start my scene off with a "resume" command everything works fine, but I'm trying to jump to a specific knot at the start of the scene.

I think this behavior is intended, but does anyone know how to work around it for what I'm trying to do?


Hi! Thank you for using the Gateway, I'm really glad to receive feedback from actual users.

I'm not sure I understood what you're trying to achieve. If you want to start the scene at a specific knot, this is dealt with by Ink and there's no need to use the "Ink/Jump To" command in a Fungus flowchart. Just put -> knot at the beginning of your Ink script.

But if you want to control the flow from a Fungus flowchart, you can do that. The example scene in gives you an idea of how you might do that. Can you explain better what happened in your case? You said that it correctly jumps to the right know, but nothing happens, which makes me wonder how you found out that it correctly jumps there.

Silly question: are you sure you are talking about the "Ink/Jump To" command and not the "Flow/Jump" command?

Let me know and sorry for the late response, I was ultra-busy… playing Oxygen Not Included. :-)

I'm trying to jump to different knots at the start of the scene based on certain variables. My issue is that if you just use a "Ink/Jump To" command, only the first line of dialog plays and then it stops. It seems like the narrative isn't being resumed, as adding a "Ink/Resume Narrative" command causes the dialog to start flowing.  However, this leads to some issues:

- If you put the "Ink/Resume Narrative" command after the "Ink/Jump To" command, the first line of dialog is skipped.

- If you put the "Ink/Resume Narrative" command before the "Ink/Jump To" command, the narrative appears to work properly but you can see the Writer start writing the first line of the Ink file before switching to the jumped line, and (per the ink messages sent to the flowchart) the Narrative Director thinks that you're at the first line until you click through the first jumped line. Normally this wouldn't seem like a big issue, but it has been giving me some major headaches with some other parts of my script.

Fortunately, I think I've been able to figure out a good enough workaround for what we need. 


Thank you, now it is much clearer to me. I'll be checking this issue in the week end, watch this space.
Jumps are among the least tested features of the integration and it's more than likely that some corner cases weren't properly addressed.

Sounds good. Like I said, putting the "Ink/Resume Narrative" command first works fine in many cases. I'm only noticing an issue because I'm setting up my own basic save/load system that uses the story.state.currentPathString and I noticed that it doesn't appear to be updated after an "Ink/Jump To" command, only after the next time you advance the story after jumping.


I have reproduced the bug easily and I've created an issue about it:
Hopefully it's going to be solved very soon.


The bug was fixed with this small change:
The bugfix will be available in v1.0.2 in the next few days.

Thank you again for your precious feedback.