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Kenney Studio

Easily create your own asset variations using simple to use software! · By Kenney

Development progress Sticky

A topic by Kenney created Feb 21, 2016 Views: 3,481 Replies: 36
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Development progress on Kenney Studio can be followed on a public Trello board, here:

Kenney Studio (Trello board)

@Kenney, is there anyway users who bought the software could help with development or create extension ?


Only way you guys could help right now is by creating templates ( or spreading the word :)

I just bought the Kenney Studio, i am really looking forward to creating assets.

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Any dates posted on Trello are just for me but no hard dates for releases, due to other work they can shift and release early at times. Expect the release somewhere next week.

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Okay, excited for the relese :) ! Also can you check you email, I emailed you a request for Kenney MiniGuide :) ! The're looking great :) !

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Any chance to get Linux port back again for the NXT Version of the Studio Kenney?

Since I've played with it a little bit on Windows, may I also suggest a way to Zoom in / Zoom out of the editor, to make it easier for us to place objects on the sprite, when we have large screen resolutions? (I'm running at 1920x1080 resolution, and it makes placing new pieces hard...)

Hey, it says "W: Forward" and "S: Backward" on one of the screenshots; that's not referring to zoom, is it? It could be animation, too - I haven't checked the program out, yet.

Yes, please!

Hey Kenney I really like you public domain work, today i bought kenney Studio but unfortunately it doesnt works on my mac 10.11.6 and kenney studio NXT is far from prefect and not good yet.


Unfortunately Mac OSX has updated some of their requirements which means that older software doesn't work anymore, having to update the older versions of the software means less time to fix and work on Kenney Studio NXT. Kenney Studio NXT is being worked on and will soon have all the features that the previous versions had.

Played with kenney studio on windows and that was amazing, i hope new updates of NXT version make it amazing too specialy ability to make animations

also i want to know is it ok to create sprites with your tools and upload them in opengameart or other services ?


Yes! The animation support will be amazing, I'm having great fun with an early version myself. Yes, you can use/distribute the sprites you've made in any way you want.

Hello Kenney,

I saw the video of the animation that you posted on twitter. Looks amazing! Will the update be ready by the end of the week :) ?


I still don't give dates ;)

Hello Kenney! Are you working still working on the update? Its been 101 days since the last update...

Is this tool still alive?

Is Kenny?


Yep, didn't have a whole lot of time to work on this recently. What you can expect in the coming few months;

New update which includes animation tools for basic animations, new content, further refinement of current features and some type of system for easily sharing created content among other users.

Trello board tolds me that 2.0 version will come on Dec 16..I'm looking for it :)


Yes, I've set a release date for 0.2.0. This is no hard date as it could change, but I'm aiming to release it on December 16th.

Really looking forward to this update :) !

Hi Guys,

My Name is Thiago Lorena, Brazilian Game Developer.
Join in the community yesterday, acquired Kenney Studio.

Nice tool.

New challenge are comming.


Hi Kenney.

Why you are not using Electron? it is cross platform and easy to use.


Hi there, seems a great software, is the project still going?


We've recently discontinued Kenney Studio and launched the follow-up known as Asset Forge.

I bought the product and now what happens?


You should've received an e-mail about this a couple of weeks ago, try to look in your spam folder.

you bought a sogftware which is broken and only a part useful, then you got a vouchere code for a another programm. You spend 20 euro for nothing ;) 

Its puty there is no user friendly manuel for making own  sets with kenns studio... very pitty....


Could you explain what is broken in the current version of Kenney Studio? As said, we're preparing a last update and it would be fantastic to get all issues out. You've spent $19.95 to get access to our software (you still have, and will always have access to it) plus three years of updates next to getting a large discount on our unrelated new software package.

Kenney Studio didn't allow users to create their own objects, this was also never advertised. Asset Forge can and we've written a guide for it.

outliner coming soon

logo creator coming soon.

asset template ... the icon builder have not the abillity to use Chars and numbers.

and the object builder have only 6-7 parts....... so?


Are you sure you have Kenney Studio NXT installed? It's the latest release and fully featured.

nope thats the Kenny Studio... 

Some functions have been installed and promised, which have not been executed. like logo and outline creator... And icons without chars ....


Kenney Studio (the latest version) has none of these features promised or even shown in the app, I understand you'd want more features but these are mere "requests". As development has stopped, no more features will be added.

you understand me? thats pitty...

so this tool isn't in development anymore?...