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you bought a sogftware which is broken and only a part useful, then you got a vouchere code for a another programm. You spend 20 euro for nothing ;) 

Its puty there is no user friendly manuel for making own  sets with kenns studio... very pitty....

Could you explain what is broken in the current version of Kenney Studio? As said, we're preparing a last update and it would be fantastic to get all issues out. You've spent $19.95 to get access to our software (you still have, and will always have access to it) plus three years of updates next to getting a large discount on our unrelated new software package.

Kenney Studio didn't allow users to create their own objects, this was also never advertised. Asset Forge can and we've written a guide for it.

outliner coming soon

logo creator coming soon.

asset template ... the icon builder have not the abillity to use Chars and numbers.

and the object builder have only 6-7 parts....... so?

Are you sure you have Kenney Studio NXT installed? It's the latest release and fully featured.

nope thats the Kenny Studio... 

Some functions have been installed and promised, which have not been executed. like logo and outline creator... And icons without chars ....

Kenney Studio (the latest version) has none of these features promised or even shown in the app, I understand you'd want more features but these are mere "requests". As development has stopped, no more features will be added.

you understand me? thats pitty...