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Red runner is a Open Source Project that you can use it for any purpose you like.

Thanks and Good luck

Thanks! <3

Looks great, keep us posted!


You can slice the animation sheet with Unity Sprite Editor, then you can use all the frames individually.
First make sure to import the sheet as Sprite and as Multiple (not Single) then you can slice it using Sprite Editor.
Hope this helps!

Hello, thanks for your feedback.
If you are looking for extended enemies and traps, you can take a look at Ultimate version of this package.

Platform Game Assets Ultimate

That's not your fault, keep up the good work and continue! (You make better things when you start over again)

Thanks, we're glad you like it.

You can use it for any project.

Hi, the animation is available at Update 1.8/Character Animation.

Hi, no credit or attribution is required, it is all optional.
Also, don't forgot to share your game with us!

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Creative and Innovative, 10/10

I think it should, the package contains the traditional image format and should work everywhere.

Hi, yes of course, the contributions and feedback are welcome!

Thanks, we're glad you like it.
You can slice the images using any external image editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop, or some tools available online for slicing sprite sheets.
As far as I know Godot is same to Unity in many aspects, and I think it is possible to slice the sprite sheets right inside the Game Engine.
Hope this helps, thanks!

Hi, this is just game assets and it doesn't matter which game engine you are using and willing to use, you can use these assets for all of them without efforts, hope it does well for you.


Hi, thanks for your bug report.
Currently there is no wall check in the game, so this graphical glitch is caused because of this.
I will add this to the list of known bugs for fixing later. Thanks again.

Looks great! keep up the good work!

You can use it for any project without any problems, it free and always will be.
I would like call it Open Source graphics package, so it is open for any usage.

Hi, yes you can do that!

Hi, sorry for that, I have updated the Payment information, do you can try again?
It should be fixed now, Thanks!


yea, you can use this assets in any projects.

Thanks for sharing the Game with us.

It is pretty good, but needs improvements as you know, I recommend you to join Game Development communities and share your game with them and keep improving.

A good game development community is Pixeland,  also you can find more by searching and exploring internet.

Hope this helps, Thanks.

Hi, my email address is, contact me any time and ask anything, I would be happy to help you.


Stuff like some Particles such as Clouds or maybe backgrounds, and lower quality audio plus many other things, these might decrease overall quality of game, but we are planning for a way to don't remove those stuff and do a hard optimization, anyway We are currently working on another game.

Yes, it is not made for mobile yet, we was planning to make it a cross platform game, but our considerations have been changed, and decided to only make for Standalone platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac, but we can make it for mobile too, but some graphical stuff should be removed because of Mobile limitations.


Hi, thanks for letting us know.

Make sure to share your awesome game with us, we want to be first players of your game ;)

Also, it is not required to include our name or brand on game or somewhere, it is free and you are allowed to do anything without any attribution, just enjoy it mate.



Save Game Pro
A Complete and Powerful Save Game Solution
Unity Asset Store | GitHub | Support and News | Documentation |


Save Game Pro is a complete, powerful and feature-rich save game solution for Unity (Game Engine) that lets you save everything such as Components, Data Types, GameObjects including Custom Data Types at everywhere including Web & Cloud, Local Storage, PlayerPrefs, Database.

Save Game Pro has an Elegant and Complete API for controlling saved data, for example, by using the API you can check if a data exists or you can Retrieve the saved files list and show them to the user.

Supported Types

Save Game Pro supports more than +200 Types built-in and you can add your own extra types manually or by using Type Creator. (description is available at below)

The Supported Types including:

  • Almost All Components, such as BoxCollider, Rigidbody, MeshRenderer, Camera, Transform.
  • GameObject, the Whole GameObject will be saved, that means all Components including All Childs.
  • Transform with Hierarchy, that means the transforms are saved by their root parent and they will be loaded like that.
  • Primitives, such as Integer, String, Boolean, …
  • Collections, Almost all collections supported, such as Dictionary, List, LinkedList, Multi-Dimensional Arrays (there is no limitation), Stack, Queue, HashSet, …
  • Data Types, Almost all Data Types such as Vector3, Vector2, Vector4, Mesh, …

Full Examples

Complete set of Examples included helping you get started easier and faster. Also, each integration comes with its own examples.

The Example included are:

  • Cloud Saving
  • Custom Path Saving
  • Listing Saved Files
  • Saving Collections
  • Saving Custom Data
  • Saving Game Object
  • Saving Runtime Generated Objects
  • Saving Simple Data
  • Saving Slots
  • Saving Texture2D
  • Saving Transform

General Settings


Configure, Modify and Apply General operations on Save Game Pro right inside a panel and Install/Uninstall integrations easily by simple clicks:

PlayMaker Integration

Save Game Pro integrates with PlayMaker fully and completely by adding Save Game Pro API methods as Actions to PlayMaker. Also, each integration includes the PlayMaker Actions as well.

Cross Platform

Save Game Pro supports almost all platforms that Unity supports, we have tested the Save Game Pro examples in:

  • Standalone (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Android (and it should work well on iOS)
  • Samsung TV

But we know it should work as excepted on All Unity Platforms.

Web & Cloud

Save Game Pro integrates as well with your Cloud environments such as PHP and Node.js and supports most popular Database Engines, such as MySQL and MongoDB, Also, Save Game Pro integrates with Firebase and PlayFab as well to let you save your game data and sync it across devices.

Here is the list of custom Cloud integrations:

Custom Types (Type Creator)

Save Game Pro supports Custom Types, that means you can add serialization of Types that aren’t supported by Save Game Pro, So you can create these Custom Types easily and automatically using Type Creator.

Type Creator provides an easy, fast and helpful interface for Creating and Browsing types, Also, Type Creator includes Search inputs to help you browse all types by searching for the desired Type.

Unity Asset Store | GitHub | Support and News | Documentation |


JsonFormatter is an Fast, Lightweight Json serialization/deserialization library for Unity projects.



  • Serializing Collections: Lists, Dictionaries, IEnumerable
  • Serializing KeyValuePair
  • Serializing ISerializable
  • Surrogate Serialization
  • Serializing Almost anything (Automatically serializes public fields and properties)
  • Deserializing IDeserializationCallback
  • Fast and Helpful Customer Support
  • Free & Open Source
  • Easy to Use
  • Cross Platform (Let us know if you have any problem with any platform)

Getting Started

Just add

using BayatGames.Serialization.Formatters.Json;

then you are ready to go.

JsonFormatter provides some static methods for fast serialization of objects to json string:

using BayatGames.Serialization.Formatters.Json;
string json = JsonFormatter.SerializeObject ("Hello World");

Get it now:

Source Code:


We have released a new asset pack, 2D Ice Cream Pack contains bunch of ice creams and candies for any purposes and use cases.

2D Ice Cream Pack Banner
Colored Ice Cream Pack, Checkout the page for more ice creams and candies.

Get it now and enjoy

All character animations added, enjoy and check them out.

Let us know if you need more content.

Red Runner has come to Open Source community and always will be.

You can download the source code from here

Or Download Directly from GitHub

Red Runner source code is published to GitHub at right now.

You can get it now from here.

Hope you enjoy it!

You can check it and learn how to design a game like it.

Sure, it will be available on and GitHub as soon as possible.

Check out the Red Runner page to get notified for source code.



Red Runner

Yes the game made both for educational and demo purposes.

We can provide the source code if you need it.

The game is made in Unity.


Hi, thanks.

What do you mean by animating the character? do you need spritesheet animation?


It would be awesome to have shortcut keys.

For example:

  • Ctrl+S: Save the model
  • Ctrl+E: Export the 3d model
  • Ctrl+E+S: Export the 2d sprite
  • Ctrl+O: Open model
  • Ctrl+N: New model
  • ...

You can have look at advanced software hotkeys such as Autodesk 3Ds Max, Blender and Artists friendly Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.


@Kenney Hi. I purchased Kenney Bundle, is there any discount for me to buy Asset Forge? the links you posted does not exists.

Oh, so you mean the speed of the game, it is normal because it is the Runner version of the main game. now what is your idea to fix the speed of the game? decrease the character speed?

The main game is a RPG game that is in development. this will have character fights, dungeons and more dangerous enemies.

The Runner version lets you gather coin and spend coins the RPG game to buy items and stuff.

It would be awesome to hear more ideas about the game from you.

Also thanks for sharing interesting audio sources, but we are looking for more awesome music! We will share our selected music with you and all players, to get feedback.


Hi, thanks for you recommendations.

Could you recommend some musics to us? (We have searched for musics but we don't found any good fit for it.)

What do you mean by speed of everything? Please provide an example.

Any help is appreciated.