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Hey Kenney ,

A few questions:

1. What does Kenney Studio NXT Stand for :) ?

2. So there will be this and templates, or templates will be removed ?

3. Will there still be a button creators ?

4. Is the 0.6 changelog on the Dev board up to date ? Or NXT is already included in those tasks included ?

5. Is the new release called Kenney Studio 0.6 or Kenney Studio NXT ?

Looking forward to the Kenney Studio NXT release!

Hey Donni!

1. NXT stands for 'next' actually, just a little name I use myself.

2. Templates as they are now will be removed. In NXT you can create templates yourself, just arrange a few smart object and save the template. Then you can share the file online, that way many templates can be created by users.

3. Yes, it'll contain a few smart objects to create buttons. If you've got a configuration you like, you can save it as a template.

4. Nope it's not, those will probably be scrapped depending on how fast NXT progresses.

5. Currently Kenney Studio will remain at 0.5 and NXT will be added as a separate download. NXT will have active production until all features have been ported, then NXT 1.0 will be released.