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Kenney Studio

Easily create your own asset variations using simple to use software! · By Kenney

Suggestions for Kenney Studio NXT 0.1.3

A topic by Donni created Jul 25, 2016 Views: 703 Replies: 5
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Hello Kenney,

I saw you just release the windows version of 0.1.2. Its fantastic! I love the voxel tiles and characters ! Nice Job !

4 Request :

1. Can you add the planned collections ( button and plant ) to the trello board ?

2. Please update kenney.nl , kenney studio page, its so outdated.

3. Can you add Workspace color selection to the trello board ?

4. The video tutorial on how to create collection.

Some Suggestions for 0.1.3 :


  • The other 80 voxel tiles added to NXT
  • Tappy Place asset pack into NXT


This is how the Kenney Studio NXT menu should look:

- 2D Sand Box, Button - Takes the user to the 2D sprite sandbox ,what we are currently using now.
- Astronomic Creator , Button - Similarly 0.5, creates normal Astronomic sprites and users can exports them as png AND .ken files.
- Astronomic Sand Box, Button - like the 2D sandbox users can import .ken files and sprites move them around and attach,
but not just any .ken files ... Astronomic .ken files. Users can attach Astronomic sprites and re-customize them.

- Logo Creator Button - null

- Object Builder - null


Hey Donni, thanks for the suggestions again!

Both buttons and plant templates are on the to-do list (see 'Foliage elements' and 'UI elements'). The page on Kenney.nl has been updated with some new screenshots and information. Workspace color selection is already on the board (see 'Settings'). I will start doing videos once all features are in, otherwise I'll need to keep updating the videos.

Currently the main menu will remain as in 0.1.2 until the main component (sandbox) has been done. But I do agree that the axonometric creator and the other components have to return/be created.

Hey Kenney.

My Suggestion for the next version:

- Multiple Selection. I want to move couple objects at once, but i can't manage to do it, and it's very time consuming to move each one by one.

Hope it's added in a new version :D

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@Kenney, Oh, I didn't realize they were on the development board already. Good to know !

A few questions:

1. The UI Elements says complete, but there is a update checklist ;

  • Button(s)
  • Round buttons/panel elements
  • More icons

Any idea what NXT version is this checklist update is planned to be packed with ?

2. So after the sandbox is complete the plan is to work on the Astronomic Module, and add more collections, and new features?

3. Also, can I request a assets for NXT? The Tappy Plane asset pack.


Nope, can't give any dates on certain releases. After the main tools for the sandbox are complete (all planned functions are in) I'll concentrate on content, after that I'll start looking into adding the modules. Sure, requests are welcome! I'll add it to the list.

Okay :) , also, what are you working on now :) ? Kenney Studio or Game Assets? Its been a while since KS NXT got a update, and there hasn't been any asset announcements for the last 2 weeks. So I was wondering what your working on :) .


Other things, mainly construction on Kenney Land which was recently renamed to Pixeland. It's a hub for local game developers to work on their content and share ideas and resources, it's going global next.