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Thanks for the quick response.

@2 : So can users import new templates ( that other have created this new way ) and re-edit them ?

@5, since it is a seperate download how would it work with 0.5 ? Is is a totally different software ? Or is is sort of a extension you import into Kenney Studio? If it is totally different software does it still include Axonometric ?

6: Will logo, and outline creator still be part of Kenney Studio ?

Also will the Kenney site, Kenney Studio page be updated as well ? The screenshots look pretty old.

2. Yep, you can open/edit/save templates.

3. It's completely new software and at first won't come withe the axonometric and logo components - although they might be added later on. That's why the old version will remain for download.

And you're right, I should update the screenshots there - hah!

Thanks for the answers :) !

Looking forward!