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Looks amazing! Well done Kenney. Just downloaded the Mac version and it seems to just quit instantly when you open it. No error or anything. I have 'Allow apps downloaded from: Everywhere' enabled so shouldn't be a credentials issue.

Is there a bug report anywhere I could have a look and send over?



p.s. I'm on OS X 10.11.5

Is OS X 10.11.5 El Captain? I'm not too much into Mac stuff, but another user also reported this to me. I'm updating to El Captain myself now, it's probably because I used an old version of my software to compile. Hopefully it'll be fixed in an hour or two.

Yes, El Capitan. Thanks! No rush on my part!

El Captain compatible version is now available (0.1.1A)

Kenney, this does look awesome, but I am also having the same issue as PJ. You have done an outstanding job, my man.

El Captain compatible version is now available (0.1.1A)

you rock!