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I know such problems - I'm also self-employed and love my cash-cows :-)

But the Kenney Studio NXT (KSN) project is young and you could e.g. switch to Unity3d (C#, Javascript) or any other multi plattform IDE. I believe there are many capable C (C#) and Javascript developer which could support the project.

The templates for KSN could you sell as IAP, e.g. Alien Pack for 99 Cent. You could offer it als Unity3D Plugin or as iPhone, iPad, ... app. AdobeAir and AdobeFlash die or are not supported (e.g. iPhone, iPad).


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While I don't feel as strongly about the Open Source route as @ThoPel, I would echo his comments about some sort of Unity plugin / easy integration, especially since it's new 2D workflow & toolset are quickly becoming huge in the industry. Kenney, if you can tap into this revenue stream, you'll be singing! I would look into Unity Asset Store, even as a standalone tool to start with, but then develop proper integration from there. People pay crazy money on Unity assets.

Also, if NXT would include some sort of Normal map creation tools (similar to Sprite DLight - in the future, Unity folk (a HUGE user base) would be buying it like hotcakes!

I don't really mind either way, just thinking of your cash cow! (also self-employed 😉)

Also, just saw that you've added some free 3D assets to the Unity Asset Store (from your packs), thanks!

I agree. I think that this project would thrive if it was more open, and had more templates able to be produced. If it is a possibility, and you'd want me to Kenney, I could whip up a basic clone app in electron to show you how it'd work. As I said I am not an adobe Animate guy; I am a Javascript guy.

I agree with you guys! There's a couple of problems though;

My skills are limited to using Adobe AIR at the moment, while I do know a fair share of C#/Unity it's not enough to create an application out of it. I'd be open if someone wants to attempt creating a version like that, but currently the Adobe Animate SWF files make it extremely easy to create the elements in the collections. I haven't found a file format Unity can work with that will have the same features.

The second is costs. It's fairly easy and quick to create new features for Kenney Studio NXT in its current form, creating a collection takes about an hour or two. The donations to my game assets plus the sales of Kenney Studio are on the low side and I'm having a bit of trouble to keep managing everything. That's why I try to go for quick releases to boost sales, instead of creating an open environment.

Hope you guys understand, I'm all open for ideas and thoughts though!

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I totally understand and agree, that's why I wouldn't worry about open source or even building it in Unity. What I meant was keep developing as you do, maybe just look into / get someone to create some sort of hook between Kenney -> Unity (or even Kenney <-> Unity, though the file format might be an issue I guess). Or like I said, could you just put it in the Asset Store as a standalone app to boost sales? I'm pretty sure I've seen some standalone apps there without ANY Unity integration..

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The first requirements for Kenney Studio U (U = Universal :-):
- read Adobe Animate SWF files, so that no additional expenses for creating templates arise
- Unity integration
- Kenney Studio Asset Store

A dream come true :-)