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A list of some feature requests or suggestions for Kenney Studio NXT.

Multi Export

Often an image is required in multiple sizes for iOS, Favicons, .... It should be possible to define multiple images sizes with a file prefix.

Height: 100, Width: 100, Prefix "@1x"
H: 200, W: 200, Prefix "@2x"
H: 300, W: 300, Prefix "@3x"

During the save process Kenney Studio NXT creates a version of the image (e.g. "ExampleName") in the defined size and with the prefix, e.g. ExampleName@1x.pny, ExampleName@2x.png, ExampleName@3x.png.

Example Library

For every template a set of examples should exist, which could be selected and edited. It is easier to modify an example as to start from zero.


I would like to label any "smart object" or to insert a textfield. The usual text functions, e.g. size, type, ..., should exist :-)

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The first requirements for Kenney Studio U (U = Universal :-):
- read Adobe Animate SWF files, so that no additional expenses for creating templates arise
- Unity integration
- Kenney Studio Asset Store

A dream come true :-)

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I know such problems - I'm also self-employed and love my cash-cows :-)

But the Kenney Studio NXT (KSN) project is young and you could e.g. switch to Unity3d (C#, Javascript) or any other multi plattform IDE. I believe there are many capable C (C#) and Javascript developer which could support the project.

The templates for KSN could you sell as IAP, e.g. Alien Pack for 99 Cent. You could offer it als Unity3D Plugin or as iPhone, iPad, ... app. AdobeAir and AdobeFlash die or are not supported (e.g. iPhone, iPad).


Hey Kenney,

have you ever thought to realize Kenney Studio as open source?



Anything new about the 0.1.1 OS X version?

I love more features :-) Cool!

Anything new about the OS X version. I can not wait any longer :-)

Any news about the mac version?