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Kenney Studio

Easily create your own asset variations using simple to use software! · By Kenney

NXT: Feature Requests | Suggestions

A topic by ThoPel created Jul 14, 2016 Views: 194 Replies: 1
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A list of some feature requests or suggestions for Kenney Studio NXT.

Multi Export

Often an image is required in multiple sizes for iOS, Favicons, .... It should be possible to define multiple images sizes with a file prefix.

Height: 100, Width: 100, Prefix "@1x"
H: 200, W: 200, Prefix "@2x"
H: 300, W: 300, Prefix "@3x"

During the save process Kenney Studio NXT creates a version of the image (e.g. "ExampleName") in the defined size and with the prefix, e.g. ExampleName@1x.pny, ExampleName@2x.png, ExampleName@3x.png.

Example Library

For every template a set of examples should exist, which could be selected and edited. It is easier to modify an example as to start from zero.


I would like to label any "smart object" or to insert a textfield. The usual text functions, e.g. size, type, ..., should exist :-)


Yes! The exporting in version 0.1.2 will look a little like this:

The retina saving option would work exactly like you described.

The new version also has a new intro screen with pre-made templates, I hope to integrate this template selection with the collections somehow so there's always a sample to load.

As for labels; I like! There should really be a way to rename elements.