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Neat tool! Thanks for posting!

Hype! Thanks for the updates~!  

hahaha I thought it was super cute, and a neat concept!

Evaluator community · Created a new topic Song-Code Golf

Here is place to share one line songs, no rules other than that, try to make the best beat with the fewest characters. 

I'll start - 
8 bits; Continuous; 120 bpm

[*] = t/2+$(t|t>>1^t>>2);

I've only been playing with this app for a day (so much fun) and after a bit of experimentation I made this glitchy industrial sounding jam in one line; it seems to even have some semblance of structure to it too which is wild, and it made me wanna see what others could do.

Thank you dev(s) for this super cool program. 

I agree. I think that this project would thrive if it was more open, and had more templates able to be produced. If it is a possibility, and you'd want me to Kenney, I could whip up a basic clone app in electron to show you how it'd work. As I said I am not an adobe Animate guy; I am a Javascript guy.

Okay cool!
I'm not a flash guy, just got the animate trial, so everything is terribly complicated to me in that respect!
I just hope that it is easier than in KS 0.5!
Good luck!

How does one go about creating these "Smart Objects" I've looked through the .fla file in animate and I think I'm beginning to understand how they are made, but it seems terribly complicated.