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No Not yet, Actually I have so many files I'm not sure where it went to ;)

I need to download another trial. It probably got mixed up with some downloaded mods.

Nice phone.

I'm going to try this out.

I have this on IOS. That art is awesome. I need more episodes.

That is really cool. I just now noticed you put some of the 3d models in sketchup format.

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I'm being picky but if you have a lot of images to make. time saved, maybe.

when you go to save it would be cool if you could just type a file name and enter to save instead of going with the filename provided "testOutput.png"

If I just want to type 1 to be fast, it will not put the .png extension on it and I have to do it manually or stop and edit the file name.

But I can just double click and put a number into testOutput.png like this testO4utput.png then test5Output.png testOu7tput.png.

Otherwise this program is really useful.

 photo gun1_zpsp4blbdhp.png

It's probably the coolest little app I have come across.

This looks cool1.