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I'm being picky but if you have a lot of images to make. time saved, maybe.

when you go to save it would be cool if you could just type a file name and enter to save instead of going with the filename provided "testOutput.png"

If I just want to type 1 to be fast, it will not put the .png extension on it and I have to do it manually or stop and edit the file name.

But I can just double click and put a number into testOutput.png like this testO4utput.png then test5Output.png testOu7tput.png.

Otherwise this program is really useful.

 photo gun1_zpsp4blbdhp.png

It's probably the coolest little app I have come across.

No worries, all suggestions are welcome! The filename thing is certainly something that will be in there soon, together with an optional increasing number after the filename. Great job on the gun btw! Exciting to see what you guys create with it :)