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Kenney Studio

Easily create your own asset variations using simple to use software! · By Kenney

Bugs Sticky

A topic by Kenney created Jul 13, 2016 Views: 1,016 Replies: 8
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Developer (2 edits)

Use this thread to report and check bugs, for an up-to-date list of currently known bugs see the development board. With each bug report, please add the operating system you're using (Windows, Mac) and the version of Kenney Studio.

I am working on a Mac book pro. When I try to delete an item, nothing happens. When I right click and choose "Remove", the item just moves to where the mouse is and I cannot get rid of it. Why the switch to nxt? The old kenney studio was much more complete and useful thus far... But I look forward to following the project still and hope to see improvements! As always, keep up the hard work man.

Your follower and supporter, GreenfordGames!


Thanks for that! I've already fixed the delete issue (somehow the delete key isn't working, so I added backspace and the D key as alternatives) and the right click issue is being worked on.

The change is because I wasn't happy with the amount of features the previous version had, sticking to templates made by myself wouldn't allow users to use their creativity and create completely new sprites. In time it will hopefully have more features than the old version had, I'm able to spend a lot more time on development now.

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I'm being picky but if you have a lot of images to make. time saved, maybe.

when you go to save it would be cool if you could just type a file name and enter to save instead of going with the filename provided "testOutput.png"

If I just want to type 1 to be fast, it will not put the .png extension on it and I have to do it manually or stop and edit the file name.

But I can just double click and put a number into testOutput.png like this testO4utput.png then test5Output.png testOu7tput.png.

Otherwise this program is really useful.

 photo gun1_zpsp4blbdhp.png

It's probably the coolest little app I have come across.


No worries, all suggestions are welcome! The filename thing is certainly something that will be in there soon, together with an optional increasing number after the filename. Great job on the gun btw! Exciting to see what you guys create with it :)

Kenney Studio 0.51 won't start on OS X El Capitan. In the console I see this error:

16-07-26 20:01:26,332[1]: ([14584]) Service exited with abnormal code: 4

I know version 0.51 is deprecated, but I'm reporting this problem just in case it's an easy fix. Otherwise, forget it! ;)

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Loading assets as templates doesn't seem to work on an macbook air (with El Capitan 10.11.6, using Kenney Studio NXT 0.1.2). I saved the asset as a template and I find it in my Finder (looking into it with a text editor shows that at least something was saved). But every time I load it, it just opens an empty template.

Furthermore, I don't know if this issue was raised before, it would be great to be able to return to the "Studio Main Page" after creating an asset.

Duplicated blocks auto reticks over hang.

How to preform

Voxel Pack > Tile > Untick overhang > Rightclick > Duplicate.

New block will have overhang reticked. I believe this to be a bug not a feature.

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[2017-01-27 @ 10:27:45.671] [tasks/configure] configuring /home/zonemaster/.config/itch/apps/Kenney Studio

[2017-01-27 @ 10:27:46.285] [tasks/configure] native-configure yielded execs: []

[2017-01-27 @ 10:27:46.290] [configure/compute-size] computing size of /home/zonemaster/.config/itch/apps/Kenney Studio

[2017-01-27 @ 10:27:46.334] [tasks/configure] total size of /home/zonemaster/.config/itch/apps/Kenney Studio: 174.24 MB (182705726 bytes)

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:55.222] [tasks/launch] reconfiguring because of problem with cave: game.install.no_executables_found

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:55.232] [tasks/configure] configuring /home/zonemaster/.config/itch/apps/Kenney Studio

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:56.041] [tasks/configure] native-configure yielded execs: []

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:56.045] [configure/compute-size] computing size of /home/zonemaster/.config/itch/apps/Kenney Studio

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:56.087] [tasks/configure] total size of /home/zonemaster/.config/itch/apps/Kenney Studio: 174.24 MB (182705726 bytes)

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:56.099] [tasks/launch] crashed with game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:56.100] [tasks/launch] game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)

[2017-01-27 @ 10:31:56.102] [diego] diego here, looking around

Linux xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4.4.0-59-generic #80-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 6 17:47:47 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

model name : AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

model name : AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

Distributor ID: LinuxMint

Description: Linux Mint 18.1 Serena

Release: 18.1

Codename: serena

00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Trinity [Radeon HD 7420G]

diego out

When I try to launch the Linux version I get the error above. However I do realize it must be run under Wine, is there a way

to edit the 'Launch' parameters to point to the correct executable instead of browsing to the local files and running it there?