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I am working on a Mac book pro. When I try to delete an item, nothing happens. When I right click and choose "Remove", the item just moves to where the mouse is and I cannot get rid of it. Why the switch to nxt? The old kenney studio was much more complete and useful thus far... But I look forward to following the project still and hope to see improvements! As always, keep up the hard work man.

Your follower and supporter, GreenfordGames!

Thanks for that! I've already fixed the delete issue (somehow the delete key isn't working, so I added backspace and the D key as alternatives) and the right click issue is being worked on.

The change is because I wasn't happy with the amount of features the previous version had, sticking to templates made by myself wouldn't allow users to use their creativity and create completely new sprites. In time it will hopefully have more features than the old version had, I'm able to spend a lot more time on development now.