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Band Camp Boyfriend

Forge new friendships, become a leader, and maybe even find love all while trying to survive band camp! · By Lovebird Game Studios

Thoughts? Feedback? Issues? Post them here!

A topic by Lovebird Game Studios created Aug 10, 2018 Views: 1,362 Replies: 58
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Thank you so much for playing our demo! If you have any thoughts, feedback, or issues please post them here! 

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Already in love with two of them XD

I'm ready to pledge your game if I can play a Linux version :)

If doable,of course!

Edit:Date for the Kickstarter?


Which two, if you don't mind me asking? :)

Hmm let me see what I can do. I'll try making a Linux distribution tomorrow and put it up here if all goes well...I don't have that kind of system to test it on, so would you be my tester on that front?

We are aiming for a Kickstarter in late September. We'll announce the date once it's locked in.

Thanks so much for playing our game!! <3

I love Poptart (remind me Zephel from Angelique) and Garth (because every lady loves him)...but Susie is uber cute too XD
I didn't play a lot but the game is going to be great!!!
Btw,when I take a screenshot I get an error message (I play with my windows 7,cannot stand windows 10).

And I would be happy to help for Linux ^^


Alrighty, I made a distribution for Linux and uploaded it to the main page! Let me know if it's playable. If it is, I'll let everyone know we have it available on that platform as well!

I don't know what's up with the screenshot error or how to solve it...I hope that's not a widespread problem. Anyways, thanks a lot for your help and I'm looking forward to hearing from you again! :)

Thanks for the Linux build ^^

I'm going to test/play tomorrow (need to finish my homework right now T_T)


Haha, no problem! Good luck with your homework!

Work great for Linux so far :)

Just...same error when I take a screenshot...tested on Tower PC with  AMD R9 390 Gaming 8G + 32G RAM +I7 4790K and Lenovo Yoga 520.

Tested both Linux and Windows7 (Tower PC) + Windows 10 (Lenovo).


Great to hear!

I wonder why that could be. I will add it to my list of bugs.

The writing for the game is very charming! A lot of realistic characters that fit in seamlessly with the otome genre despite that. Great job.


Thank you so much!! <3 We definitely aim for the characters to be  realistic and relatable!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you, your words mean a lot!! <3 The credit for the art style will have to go to our artist, Flora. We found her on Lemmasoft and couldn't have asked for anyone better. Shoutout to our BG artist Bunny and our logo artist Potouto as well. :)

Poor Clark!

Your idea was intriguing and we discussed it, but we decided it doesn't fit with our structure very well. If we had the type of game where you simply choose whose route you want to play, it would fit better, but ours is the kind where you wind up on the route of whoever you have built affinity with in the first week. We'd like people to play the routes in any order they want as well and it'd be tough choosing which guy to present as free. We were hoping to achieve giving players a taste of the writing, humor, characters, etc. with the release of this demo. 

Thanks again for your feedback! 

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Thank you so much for replying! I thought about it for a second and then remembered that it wouldn't work since the structure of the game is as you've said. I felt bad about Clark so I went back on the demo and re-did his choices :)  Do you guys have any idea what the final price of the game will be? The demo is amazing! :3

Edit: Would Aaron ever be a possible route in the game? Saw him in a few scenes and wondered about it :) I also saw the seven guys on the screen and the mention of 7+ love interests so it got me thinking since Aaron wasn't one of them :)


We're thinking $15 for the final price of the game! There will be early bird rates on Kickstarter though. And thanks again. <3

Aaron is not dateable at this point in time. There always seems to be one good-looking guy in dating sims that isn't an option. But I will not deny he has...potential. ;)

That is so true sometimes! It's good to know he has 'potential' :D 

It was a lot of fun.  I liked the graphics, and I really liked the humor.


Thanks, glad you had fun! :D

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waahh this game is awesome!!  i  just finished the demo and was instantly yearning for the complete version, will the full game be out soon? im really sorry. i dont want to  sound overbearing or make you feel pressured  (i know  im so impatient 😭)   also kudos to you guys for creating such a creative, funny and unique game filled with a  bunch of charsimatic characters ❤ it is obvious  that you guys have put alot of effort and love into this project which is really admirable. the interactions between the mc and the love interests were  great, never failing to make me smile😊 anyways im super excited for the finished game and will definitely try to support you guys! you deserve it 🙌  thanks a lot!!


Ahh, thank you for playing and enjoying our game! <3 Ideally we'd like the game to be out within 18 months, but there are only two of us programming it and we both work full-time jobs. 

Thank you for noticing how much love we have put into this game, especially the characters. We're glad they made you smile and hope they will continue to do so in the finished game. :)

Just finished playing the demo and boy do I love it. As a fellow band geek who has gone through the terror of band camp, i can so relate to the things that occur in the game such the dress backwards and start with your left foot. The characters are well made in my opinion and definitely fit the instrument that they play XD. Like to say props for that red angels reference (Blue devils XD, my friend was in them XD) and when there would be a awkward scene the song in the hall of the mountain king would play and i would go i know this song XD. I haven't seen any errors yet through my first play through but if there is any I'll report to ya. Thanks for this veyr relatable game XD


Woo! Awesome! We definitely aim for it to be relatable. And heck yeah, someone got the Blue Devils reference. :) Thanks for playing, so glad you enjoyed it!

It was a great game! I'm very fond of Peter. :)  When will the full version come out?


Thank you! We can't say for sure yet, but ideally we're hoping for within the next 18 months, but there are only two of us programming it and we both have full-time jobs.

Ah ok, well good luck on the game! :)


Thanks a lot!

Hey! i replayed the game and picked different choices because i couldn't stop thinking about the game but I noticed Peters interest in the MC, does he have like some sort of crush on her even though he is already dating someone? 


I'm glad to hear it's on your mind and you replayed it! :D And yes he does! His foundation with Felicity isn't very strong and with the MC in the head position of drum major, he can't help but notice you.

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Ah ok, also i didn't notice it in my first gameplay in the game the guy with the instrument that covers his face, is he in important character to the story and you'll reveal his face in one of the routes? One more question, will poptarts real name be revealed? 


That's Eugene, Susie's boyfriend, and he's more of a running joke than an important character. And yes, Poptart's name will be revealed in his story arc. :)

Ok thanks for answering my questions! :D


No problem, I'm happy to! Let me know if you have anymore!

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Just finished chapter one and I'm really impressed and enjoying it so far despite having no direct experience with marching band! The theme is super cute with all the music notes and the color palette is really bright without being overly girly.

All the artwork is topnotch, I'm especially impressed by how much depth the background scenes have. The characters are all really diverse while being super hot and/or cute. The background music is nice, it mainly blended in seamlessly but I particularly noticed it during Clark's bits. It matched him perfectly. 

The story and dialogue runs very realistically. There were some bits I especially liked; "icky," "angryphone," "dangerous to go hungry." There would be bits where I would think/wonder about something that would be addressed in the next immediate scene which is such a great sign of carefully thought out sequences.  I did notice there were minor instances where the spoken bits didn't match any of the typed dialogue text (which was  jarring just because the majority does match word-for-word) but maybe that was a deliberate choice.

Some other random bits I loved; how Doug is built like a beast but got so sad when he thought he wasn't on the drumline, how beautiful Garth is and the fact he might possibly be wearing gold eye shadow which would be fabulous, Clark pulling a Hermione Granger and placing the sanctity of instruments over his own brain, Mr. Wiley giving himself credit for all the things, and I got weirdly sentimental over the old trophy detail. 

This is already looking so incredibly polished. I can't wait to see the next step and help support this game!!  :)


Wow, thank you so much for your extensive and thoughtful feedback! We really appreciate it! :D

Hey guys!

This game looks awesome and I can't wait to try the demo but am having one problem, due to poor eyesight I can't read the light blue on white text! I noticed you have a font option in settings so am guessing you'll have more options in future? Something darker would be great :)


Thanks a lot! Also, I'm sorry about that!! :( We will definitely put in some more options that I hope will work for you! 

Thank you :)

I really like this demo. The characters are so cute and wonderful. Also one of your scene just pulled at my heartstrings. The one where you could dance with Peter. Like I already liked him. I liked a lot of them didn't super have a favorite but that reaction from him omg my heart. I replayed that one scene like 4 times just to see his reaction. I really cant wait to get to know more about the characters and their like backstory. (even if it doesn't get to far into it. It's nice to just know why they act a certain way sometimes.) Anyways I cant stop thinking of that reaction from Peter.


I love this, it warms my heart! <3 That is a good moment with Peter, where he's caught off guard. I'm excited for you and everyone to get to know the characters more as well. Thanks so much for your feedback! 

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Okay, first of all, the glimpse of hotness and hilarity from the Trailer itself had sold this game to me.

Believe it or not, those bachelors are very near the reflection of guys you met on any club in school (from the cool, ambitious, "Prince", to the "these idiots" and "why there is problem then there is you guys"; without being stereotypical). Their interaction to MC is also well-written, as each of them seems have past or at least a history to MC (except Pop Tart... or is he?). The consequence of the choices is also realistic and also indicated in those tiny changes at the narration.

Anyway, I think I didn't find any error while playing it, and 'm excited to explore the story of the band; especially Garth (how dare you leave me with that ambigious if not intriguing account, you suave flag guard??), Clark (he is basically the hardest one to please :'D), and of course the mystery of their rather formidable camp with ominous electric fence and what kind of mischief our mascot will do in next release *hmm..

Take your time and keep up the spirit. Whenever this novel will be released, just you know that MY BODY IS READY!! x'D


Thank you for all your feedback!! :D We'll do our best!

Any possibility of adding some sort of glossery to the game?  I know zero about bands in general or marching bands specifically (my entire high school had 85 students-we had a hard enough time keeping a basketball team) so it's hard to get into the game when a lot of the dialogue seems to focus on concepts that I'm just not at all familiar with.


I actually like this idea of a glossary a lot. We tried to keep in mind there would be non-band geeks playing and explain terms such as dot coordinate sheets and sectionals, but if you have zero familiarity with band, I can see how it might get tough. Which terms did you have the most trouble with, if you don't mind me asking? (Also your profile picture is really cute)

So I have level 0 band knowledge (like I don't even know what a drum major is level 0).  What I had the most trouble with overall was like (for lack of a better way of describing it) the band "position" terms ("the pit," "the baratones," "the color guard," "low brass," "dressing," I'm still trying to figure out what the band president does that's not duplicative of what the drum major does) also some of the instruments (like is a mellophone a thing or is it a brass instrument that's not a trumpet and TF is a mezzo piano?).

Thanks-My profile picture is my German Shepard, Squall.  He's a little booger and the world's biggest wimp, but he does have an awesome smile.


All right then I'm definitely going to have a glossary in the full game to help non-bandos out. Thank you for giving me this feedback. I'll try and define some of those terms while you're here...

Drum Major: The conductor of the band.

The Pit: The front ensemble, which consists of instruments that can't be marched with such as a xylophone, gong, etc.

Low Brass: A family of brass instruments that play in a deeper range including baritones, tubas, and trombones.

Color Guard: The flag twirlers.

Dressing: Looking down the line or curve and making sure you're in line with everyone else or conforming to the shape.

Mellophone: Since French horns aren't a marching instrument, mellophones are the substitute. They look like giant trumpets, but sound like French horns--it is the instrument Poptart is holding.

Mezzo piano: A measure of volume. It's relatively soft--Peter is mocking Clark in that his instrument can't play nearly as loud as his own.

I hope that helps! And Squall looks like a very good boy.

Thank you!  If you don't mind a bit more unsolicited advice, I think it would be a good idea to put some glossary terms on the KS page (I'm going to back now but I was hesitant to back previously because I was afraid I'd go through the whole game not really understanding TF everyone was talking about-my in my defense I DID know who Charlie Parker is).


AHH THANK YOU! We will do our best to bridge the gap. We're going to talk with our GUI artist about putting in a glossary page that easily accessible. (And haha yay!)

Hey there. I just tried you demo and i really loved it. Can´t wait for the game to be completed. I am a huge fan of romace visual novels so this is defently a game i need to buy when it comes out. I myself have been in a marching band so this game brings back some good and fun memories for me, and from what the demo has showend me it will be one of the bedst visual novels i have read. Thank you for all the work and love you have put in to this game, and countinue the good work.


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such kind feedback! :) We really appreciate it and hope the full game lives up to your expectations. <3

hello i literally just made an account so i could comment but i'd just like to say thank you for developing this game! i've been waiting for someone to make a marching band dating sim ever since i joined my program LOL
i'm a bit sad to know that i'm graduating before it gets done but i was playing the demo and it really made me realize how much i miss marching and how i won't be doing it anymore
i found it interesting how different and yet similar bands can be since i've only been exposed really to my school, and i loved seeing the weird traditions and how the program was run. (also as someone who had 3 different band directors in 3 years, with this last one being our permanent director, it really hit home to me ESPECIALLY considering how similar Mr. Wiley is to my director haha) not to mention, seeing the clarinets so stern was really strange to me since my clarinets are really laid back. (if anything, the flute section is the strict one TT)
the demo was just really enjoyable and i just love how interesting each character is! they're all unique in their own way and i'm really enjoying what i see so far ^^ (especially tom and poptart. they're so soft :'))

also as someone who was once in a flute-trumpet relationship i felt personally attacked and then realized--holy shit it really does happen every time. well played
it's really nice being able to remember my own experiences in this game, and it's just honestly making me nostalgic in a good way since i'm graduating in a few days :')

i'll be sure to follow the development and support you guys once the full game is out! <3


Aaaa, thank you so much for taking the time to make an account and leave feedback!! I love reading about others' experiences in band and what they found relatable in BCB. We miss marching band a lot too so this was our way of coping. The nostalgia hits me super hard whenever you can hear the drums practicing in the background. Anyways, congrats on graduating and thanks again! :)

when i heard the snare drum in the background i felt my band instincts call to me in an instant LOL
you guys are doing a lot of good work so it's more of a pleasure for me to get to experience the fruition of your hard work! <3
(also tom has nothing on me and my 100+ hours on smash bros and 100+ hours in xenoblade chronicles 2 B))

im hoping that the side characters get to play a more interesting role though in the full game! and i would be interested in seeing a friendship route or something where cadence can sort of just chill with susie and maybe make friends with felicity? or just in general get to hang out with the side characters and enjoy the band life without romancing anyone haha
maybe it's also just because i would like to not hate felicity due to her attitude and being with peter, but i'm fairly sure you guys have your own plan for that :) having that kind of rival trope is interesting, but i don't want to dislike any characters simply because of who they decided to love :')


Thank you so much! ;w; Haha, I bet Tom would be willing to go head to head with you!

Yes, the side characters will have their own part to play and you will get varying subplots depending on which route you take! You might make friends or lose friends depending on your choices. They didn't get much time to shine during the demo since there were so many characters to introduce, but they will get their screentime in the full game. :)

Are the routes completed? If so which ones? (asking before I play as to whether or not to play it now or wait)


Not yet, we are still working on the full game and all of the routes will be released at the same time.

Thats great! I will keep my eye out for when it is finished!


Awesome! :)